The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 1 2021

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Clues Answers
Absurd dipping in twice in choppy sea ASININE
African ecosystem SERENGETI
Angle FISH
Argue, drop into grave, expire finally DISAGREE
Arrive at REACH
Ballot up from shire to valleys VOTE
Beer container in prison CAN
Brood MOPE
Catch some rays? FISH
Common gas NITROGEN
Communicate with power about a church REACH
Deadlock IMPASSE
Earl's wife COUNTESS
Electoral choice VOTE
Element in explosive information NITROGEN
Event broadcast live in January JAVELIN
Fetid or rank RANCID
Garden plant GERANIUM
Great success in tackle clattering ECLAT
Green site remade as parkland SERENGETI
Guiding maxim MOTTO
Is able to CAN
Judge and posh MP seen in spring JUMP
Letter puzzle ANAGRAM
Clues Answers
Light spear JAVELIN
Look for private detective EYE
Loser at Waterloo NAPOLEON
Most important PARAMOUNT
Netted sticks game LACROSSE
Noblewoman in company altered sunset COUNTESS
Non-drinker in low slogan MOTTO
Obscure as Albarn's band BLUR
Paris underground METRO
Ruler on plane sick having eaten duck NAPOLEON
Setter is no longer cool in standstill IMPASSE
Showy splendour ECLAT
Smudge BLUR
Some system operators look down MOPE
Sport, loss and race abandoned LACROSSE
Stalk STEM
Storm centre EYE
Support NY baseball team on the rise STEM
Supreme soldier often up given horse PARAMOUNT
Take care BEWARE
Temperature in Rome disrupted rail system METRO
Turned and fled detectives RANCID
Watch out: worker fighting inside BEWARE
Weird image with urn shows flower GERANIUM
What makes Shakespeare seek a seraph? ANAGRAM