New York Times - Jan 1 2021

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Clues Answers
'Hadn't thought of it like that' GEE
'I don't care either way' UPTOYOU
'It's true!' ARESO
'___ rico!' ('Delicious!': Sp.) QUE
12/31 NYE
Animal known to 'juggle' rocks OTTER
Appropriately named ghost in Nintendo games BOO
Backdrop for the Compromise of 1850 GOLDRUSH
Basic dance move TWOSTEP
Best Supporting Actor winner for 'Dallas Buyers Club' LETO
Cases to consider IFS
Censors, say EDITSOUT
Chokes, say ERRS
Complete a lap? SIT
Cops' targets PERPS
Countermand OVERRIDE
Crowning event? PAGEANT
Dashboard abbr MPG
Delight JOY
Did a hook spin or knee swing POLEDANCED
Do a vet's job on SPAY
Do one's part? ACT
Emotive verse ODE
Enlivened SPICEDUP
Fast-fashion retailer FOREVERTO
First graduates of the new millennium, informally ZOALUMS
German conjunction UND
Hard to fool ASTUTE
Honorifics that can be repeated to indicate higher status SRIS
Inescapable bind CATCHTT
Isn't oblivious NOTICES
Isn't oblivious SEES
Like some mushrooms PSYCHOACTIVE
Made more waterproof, maybe RESEALED
Metaphor for a tricky problem KNOT
Missouri setting of 2014 civil rights protests FERGUSON
Modern marketplace APPSTORE
More than most ALL
Clues Answers
Movie villain with a signature pinky gesture DREVIL
Need for protein synthesis RNA
Onetime Bravo series or its Netflix reboot QUEEREYE
Only one of the Seven Dwarfs without a beard DOPEY
Opposite of petit GROS
Outdoor apparel chain REI
Part of N.A.A.C.P.: Abbr ASSN
Parts of the body that are slightly larger in the evening than morning FEET
Party hearty REVEL
Patriarch Stark of 'Game of Thrones' NED
Poetic contraction OER
Prefix with -graph EPI
Principal ARCH
Pulitzer-winning poet W. H. ___ AUDEN
Refused to accept the status quo, say REVOLTED
Résumé asset, in brief MBA
Say frankly AVOW
Screen ___ SAVER
Small Pacific salmon COHO
Some instant breakfast packets OATMEALS
Special gift, for short ESP
Star student's goal APLUSAVERAGE
Start of a haughty declaration IFORONE
Term for a censored dissident in '1984' UNPERSON
Test with a Social Studies sect GED
Thickheaded OBTUSE
Things shortened at URLS
Timeline division ERA
Title heroine of a James Joyce story EVELINE
Took off RAN
Traditional source of fertilizer ASH
Unrestrained violence FEROCITY
Without borders EDGELESS
Work on software DEBUG
You might get a kick out of this at a restaurant HOTSAUCE
___ Park Corner (London tube station) HYDE