Universal - Apr 9 2010

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Clues Answers
"All ___ Jazz" THAT
"Desperate Housewives" network ABC
"Imperial" follower ISM
"Poly" attachment ESTER
"Um, no thanks" NAH
Acknowledge applause TAKEABOW
Ammonia compound IMIDE
Australian eucalyptus eater KOALA
Author Jong and others ERICAS
Balaam's mount ASS
Biblical murder victim ABEL
Big name in small swimsuits SPEEDO
Bit of pocket change DIME
Chinese martial art TAICHI
Crooked poet's conclusion? RHYMEDOESNTPAY
Demand at a breakup LEAVE
Dermatologist's diagnosis CYST
Ear examination instrument OTOSCOPE
Emulated Rudolph LED
Extinct kiwi relative MOA
Eyebrow-raising ODD
Fancy bathroom fixture BIDET
Feeling fit HALE
Foul-smelling PUTRID
Friend of Morpheus and Trinity NEO
Gateway PORTAL
Govt. product-tester FDA
Group of scouts DEN
Haggard woman SHE
Hawaiian food POI
Hens, but not roosters LAYERS
Hide, as loot STASH
Hot tub SPA
In need of a doctor ILL
It may involve dolls and pins VOODOO
Kitchen utensils POTS
Land in the water ISLE
Ledger entry DEBIT
Less of an illusion REALER
Clues Answers
Like Hagar NORSE
Like many a home improvement project, for short DIY
Like the reaper GRIM
Make a tunnel BORE
Master of the double take? NOAH
Mo. for fools APR
Mud brick ADOBE
No exemplar of grace OAF
Omani, e.g. ARAB
One-eyed god of myth ODIN
Open, as a bolted door UNBAR
Out on ___ (in a fix) ALIMB
Part of many hotel names INN
Place to gambol LEA
Places for rent (Abbr.) APTS
Priest's assistant ALTARBOY
Prove useful AVAIL
Puff on a cigarette TOKE
Reagan or Christian ERA
Sea salts TARS
Severe sore throat ANGINA
Skillful server on the court ACER
Skirt's edge HEM
Slender dagger STYLET
South American fleece source ALPACA
Spat locale ANKLE
Split ___ soup PEA
Sundance home UTAH
Talks foolishly BLATHERS
Texas strike OIL
They make things happen DOERS
Thickly tangled, as hair MATTED
Top man in the choir? TENOR
Twist into a knot GNARL
Unlikely steakhouse patron VEGAN
Variety of whale SEI
What a poet gets from a plane? ABARDSEYEVIEW
Words from an optimistic poet? ITCOULDBEVERSE
Yiddish jerk (var.) SHMO