The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 31 2020

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Clues Answers
A senior teacher winning AHEAD
Account for EXPLAIN
Bird flapping in time cut short ABRIDGE
Can the old play in this event? DECATHLON
Care if tea spilled here? CAFETERIA
Circumspect PRUDENT
Complete religious work in Ireland ENTIRE
Concede AGREE
Creature eating right chicken part BREAST
Describe upright character in old scheme EXPLAIN
Discreet punter happy collecting 500 PRUDENT
Emilia-Romagna's capital BOLOGNA
Famous school sent up by duke NOTED
Fit silver on table at last AGREE
Floridian city TAMPA
Fool wrapped in sheet in corridor PASSAGE
Good dressing a little light GLINT
High-flying elite JETSET
Left in wild needing rescue SALVAGE
Occurrence EVENT
Olympic contest DECATHLON
Out in front AHEAD
Part-man, wild and unrestrained RAMPANT
Personage finally opening show EVENT
Pet worn out in Gwent location NEWPORT
Clues Answers
Prickly shrub BRIAR
Rare shock: Charlie allowed in SCARCE
Refinement TASTE
Remuneration for prison guard? SCREW
Renowned NOTED
Right one in boozer produces pipe BRIAR
Sausage smoked in Italian city BOLOGNA
Scapegoat retaining personal pride EGO
Scrap box for article in sale SCUFFLE
Self-importance EGO
Self-service restaurant CAFETERIA
Shortened see saw soothed SEDATED
Some clobbering high ball LOB
Sparkle GLINT
Spreading unchecked RAMPANT
Subject TOPIC
Tennis shot LOB
Theme to select finally dropped TOPIC
Tinker caught in US location? TAMPA
Tranquillised SEDATED
Trying experience in riotous state TASTE
Uncommon SCARCE
Untidy fight SCUFFLE
Wealthy hedonists' pet rhymes JETSET
Welsh city NEWPORT