New York Times - Dec 31 2020

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Clues Answers
'Flash Gordon' and others SERIALS
A one-hit Wonder he's not BARI
Ab ___ (from the start) OVO
Actress Clarke of 'Game of Thrones' EMILIA
Adjust, as skates RELACE
Averts, with 'off' STAVES
Be surpassed by LOSETO
Big roll ELEVEN
Broker's request for funds MARGINCALL
Capital of Fiji POOLED
Capital of Italy's Apulia region NESTEGGS
Certain tailored suit DEE
Chew (out) REAM
Chicken ___ (certain entree, informally) PARM
Digital currency BITCOIN
Diner or sleeper TRAINCAR
District attorney's offering, maybe PLEADEAL
Epic collapse MELTDOWN
Faces of the digital age? EMOTICONS
Foot with a short part and a long part IAMB
Froth PAPA
Game that's 100% luck WAR
Game with sets and runs GINRUMMY
Goes downhill WORSENS
Highlighter of tihs clue? ARMANI
In relation to VISAVIS
Informal times, in ads NITES
James Merritt ___, pioneer in American lithography IVES
Layer PLY
Legal limits? ELS
Like Haydn's Symphony No. 12 SEES
Literally, 'way of the gods' SHINTO
Clues Answers
Local economy makeup ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme SMALLBUSINESSES
Manhattan's SoHo has a noted one ARTSCENE
Minor market move DIP
Modern know-it-all SIRI
N.B.A. stat PPG
New Mexico's ___ Ski Valley TAOS
Not-so-great grade EMIT
Number of stripes on la bandera mexicana TRES
One of 64 divisions of Louisiana HID
Oscar-winning actor for 'Moonlight' and 'Green Book' ALI
Pine (for) SIGH
Places to crash FUTONS
Plant that lacks true roots and leaves ALGA
Product with the slogan 'Trust the power within' DURACELL
Put together, as assets INE
Quantity equal to about seven glasses of wine LITER
Rapper MC ___ REN
Razor-sharp SUVA
Relay, e.g EVENT
Send off ANTSY
Shipload TON
Shrouded KEEN
Squirming, maybe TEN
Sums set aside, say PARISH
Titan of industry SPUME
Two under EAGLE
Violently temperamental sorts BARON
Went forward without a plan WINGEDIT
Where swimmer Katie Ledecky won four Olympic golds RIO
Winner of a record 26 Oscars WALTDISNEY
Woodchuck of the western U.S MARMOT
___-vivre (ability to live elegantly) SAVOIR