Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 31 2020

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Clues Answers
A foreign run on banks? Abominable and impossible to control! ungovernable
A French sauce for tempura starter isn't right UNJUST
All go back to go downhill, mostly with S?le and a fair amount of boys, in columns OBELISKS
Barman protects funny fellow from hotel getting on SWITCH
Beef isn't bad and does you good BENEFITS
Clare is part of story told to the French Institute LYCEE
Crazy Irish race from old India MADRAS
Designed eyesore with one light STYLED
Destabilise one nice figure off set? UNBALANCE
Doesn't come back with Sally and I'm keeping schtum UNRESPONSIVE
Extended backing for Old Nick Hardy? LONGLIVED
Finishes the lot and takes drugs to stay awake USESUP
Have just enough in one's locker to beat pacy Serb SCRAPEBY
Hay from Himalayas or sausage from the deli? SALAMI
Clues Answers
Instrument synonymous with Chippy Carter is off the Richter Scale? CHISEL
Lawyer for Band Aid is a holy terror SCAMP
One stuck in tight entrance coming out of the orchard NECTARINE
Organisation at stable? Certainly not the type you'd bet everything on! UNDEPENDABLE
Robin Mountjoy is the first local type having conviction JAILBIRD
Sailor taking LSD recalls going around trial judge to avoid ruling ABDICATE
Sets up Patsy for scores on the rugby pitch from a number of turnovers? PASTRIES
Shift to Right is final - talk is, the Minister for Finance is responsible for it BUDGETSPEECH
Shows contempt for Head of State backing Partition without initial clue SNEERS
Smooth star on beach blanket from the start SANDPAPER
Some of those put up in Pennsylvania garret and not for the first time AGAIN
Time to get all the characters in the right order SPELL
Uncut version out initially from America is excessively flattering UNCTUOUS
Unexpectedly find Yeti and give him a name IDENTIFY