Universal - Dec 30 2020

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Clues Answers
"Blueberries for ___" (kid lit classic) SAL
"Count me in!" IMTHERE
"Tarzan" actor Ron ELY
"The Merry Widow" composer (HALER anagram) LEHAR
Aegean or Caribbean SEA
Antihistamine brand ALLEGRA
AP exam company ETS
Banish to an island, say EXILE
Barking marine mammal SEAL
Bat mitzvah, e.g RITE
Belonging to us OUR
Born as NEE
Captain's declaration before a team hits the bar? WEDESERVEBEER
Contract to protect trade secrets: Abbr NDA
Distinct period ERA
Doesn't suppress ACTSUPON
Early chance to buy discounted goods PRESALE
Exam for some college srs GRE
French opposite of "non" OUI
Green legume holders PEAPODS
Hair-raising CREEPY
Hams it up EMOTES
High woodwind OBOE
Hit the brakes STOP
Insurance giant AIG
It may be made with clasped hands PLEA
Lane of the Daily Planet LOIS
Leave the oven on, e.g ERR
Lisbeth Salander creator Larsson STIEG
Little mouse? STUART
Longtime name in publishing SCRIBNER
LP speed RPM
Lumet film whose title is Latin for "horse" EQUUS
Maine courses LOBSTERS
Maintain possession of KEEP
Clues Answers
Man-eating giants OGRES
Most lean SPAREST
Mother's sister, maybe AUNT
Museum feature EXHIBIT
One may visit Earth, in movies ALIEN
Opera's Puccini GIACOMO
Pampering initials TLC
Person supplying a wedding CATERER
Physician, informally DOC
Pitches in HELPS
Place to dip a quill INKWELL
Prophet from Dublin? IRISHSEER
Regret RUE
Replenish, as a pitcher FILL
Select hay pragmatically? PICKYOURBALES
Show approval at the theater CLAP
Sign of healing SCAB
Ski resort near Snowbird ALTA
Solver's cry AHA
Spiritual teacher GURU
Squid ink holders SACS
Star member of a team, for short MVP
Stereotypical prosthetic limb for a pirate PEGLEG
Stylishly graceful ELEGANT
Support for a flower bud STEM
Surge in summer swimsuit sales? BIKINIBOOM
Truck, to a Brit LORRY
Up to, informally TIL
Volcanic flow MAGMA
What getting a massage is an example of SELFCARE
Where stage directors learn their craft? CUINGCLASS
Where to find petri dishes LAB
Whopper LIE
Word before "novel" or "store" DIME
Word with a record 430 OED definitions SET
___ carte ALA
___ vera ALOE