- Dec 29 2020

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Clues Answers
''Moby-Dick'' captain AHAB
''No __, ands, or buts!'' IFS
''Now I get it!'' AHA
Advertising sign gas NEON
Appears to be SEEMS
Audio system STEREO
Balkan native SERB
Beachgoer's building project SANDCASTLE
Beer variety PILSNER
Bread purchase LOAF
Broker's customer: Abbr ACCT
Chimney grime SOOT
Clear frost from DEICE
Clinton's vice president GORE
Colas and root beers SODAS
Contented comments from 27 Down PURRS
Curve of a foot ARCH
Dangerous driving situation ROADRAGE
Devout PIOUS
E-flat equivalent DSHARP
Easily irritated TESTY
Family diagrams TREES
Farm soil EARTH
Farm storage tower SILO
Fill with joy ELATE
Fishing-rod attachment REEL
Fizzled out DIED
From the neighborhood LOCAL
Gaggle member GOOSE
Game-show host EMCEE
Garden entrance GATE
Gawk at OGLE
Get ready, for short PREP
Gusto ZEST
Imitated APED
Impudent PERT
In a calm way SERENELY
Clues Answers
Jury member PEER
Long, long __ (way back when) AGO
Losing streaks SLUMPS
Merciless CRUEL
Midmorning ritual COFFEEBREAK
Nautical staff CREW
Norway's capital OSLO
Not so much LESS
Numbered musical work OPUS
Oil cartel OPEC
Old enough OFAGE
Once __ blue moon INA
Operates smoothly HUMS
Perceived to be SEENAS
Poems of praise ODES
Poker-pot starter ANTE
Popular pets CATS
Pre-exercise ritual WARMUP
Puts to work USES
Scratch or dent MAR
Set of clothing OUTFIT
Shares top billing COSTARS
Ship's backbone KEEL
Snakelike swimmer EEL
Speck of dust MOTE
Squirrel away HOARD
Step heavily (on) STOMP
Strictness RIGOR
Suffix for meteor ITE
Teacher's favorite PET
Third-place Olympics award BRONZEMEDAL
Three feet YARD
Toledo's state OHIO
Use scissors CUT
Very small TINY
Villain's look LEER
Walk on the stage ENTER
What the penny used to be COPPERCOIN
__ of the above NONE