New York Times - Dec 29 2020

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Clues Answers
'Auld Lang ___' SYNE
'Happily ever after' ... or what 17-, 27-, 39- or 47-Across has? FAIRYTALEENDING
'Keep as is' STET
'Smart as a whip' and 'sharp as a tack' SIMILES
'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' actress Kemper ELLIE
'You rang?' YES
A pop EACH
Bank statement no ACCT
Big Alaska export OIL
Big name in dog food ALPO
Broadcasts AIRS
By way of VIA
Cable channel named for a talk show host OWN
Cantankerous CUSSED
Cereal bit OAT
Cuts with shears, maybe LOPS
Deduce INFER
Director Anderson WES
Frosty coating RIME
Funnyman Brooks MEL
Galileo, by birth PISAN
Garment that may be 'dropped' TROU
Guard's command HALT
Half of a Monopoly pair DIE
Hipster's 'gotcha' IDIG
In years past ONCE
It might be brown or pale ALE
It's all about me, me, me EGOTRIP
Kind of nut KOLA
Kind of tide NEAP
Largest lizard on earth (up to 10 feet long) KOMODODRAGON
Leave out OMIT
Locales of wasps and spies NESTS
Looks lasciviously OGLES
Loosen, as a knot UNTIE
Many a groan inducer PUN
Mideast sultanate OMAN
Modern war hazards, for short IEDS
Moscow turndown NYET
Clues Answers
Mother ___ TERESA
Moving at a snail's pace INCHING
One of three in a Morse 'S' DOT
Ones usually found at home UMPS
Opposite of loose TAUT
Particle in a particle accelerator ION
Pizazz ELAN
Political division, metaphorically AISLE
Pulitzer-winning James AGEE
Request for payment INVOICE
Rocky Mountain National Park sighting ELK
Salacious LEWD
Salon creations DOS
Sass LIP
Secure at shore MOOR
Show known for its cold opens, for short SNL
Sit ___ (audit) INON
Some bridal accessories VEILS
Some classroom wall hangings WORLDMAPS
Spacious ROOMY
Speaks with a gravelly voice RASPS
Spiral-horned African antelope NYALA
Super bargain STEAL
Sweet-talk and send chocolates, say WOO
Tablet released in 2010 IPAD
Tandoori bread NAAN
Ten Commandments, e.g LAWS
The Golden State, familiarly CALI
Toronto landmark that's the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere CNTOWER
Totally lost ATSEA
Tribe that lent its name to a Nebraska county OTOE
Waylay, as a conversation DERAIL
What the biblical Methuselah is famous for LONGEVITY
Who sang the 1973 #1 hit 'Midnight Train to Georgia' GLADYSKNIGHT
___ coffee ICED
___ Spiegel (German newsmagazine) DER
___ vera ALOE