Wall Street Journal - Dec 29 2020 - Idle Hands

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Clues Answers
“I’m less than impressed” MEH
“LOL” alternative HAHA
“Spring forward” letters DST
“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” style IMPROV
45 and 78, e.g RPMS
Alert from the SFPD APB
Amped up STOKED
Aptly named particle that binds quarks together GLUON
Athlete for whom a street outside Berlin’s Olympiastadion is named OWENS
Bacon slice RASHER
Bot. or biol SCI
Capital on the Mediterranean coast BEIRUT
Cardinal direction that doesn’t start any state’s name EAST
Clumsy lout OAF
College application fig GPA
Colts coach Frank REICH
Connecticut’s state quarter depicts one OAK
Custardy dessert FLAN
Delphi diviner ORACLE
Diet that goes against the grain? PALEO
Do one’s part for the environment RECYCLE
Dragster fuel NITRO
Expressed disapproval TSKED
Fodder for accountants RECEIPTS
Foldable bed COT
Four Seasons frontman Frankie VALLI
French denial NON
Furnish RIG
Go-between LIAISON
High-priority hosp. sites ERS
Inauguration Day highlight OATH
Informal denial NAH
It’s right twice a day, and it can be found at 18-, 28- and 51-Across BROKENCLOCK
Jacket material TWEED
Karate chop target, sometimes CINDERBLOCK
Kid-lit girl with a dog named Weenie and a turtle named Skipperdee ELOISE
Clues Answers
Long stretch of time EON
Long-haired terrier YORKIE
Makeup of some sculpted physiques MARBLE
Masters golfer who’s unlikely to win AMATEUR
Mickey Mouse on a ballot, say WRITEIN
Miller brand LITE
Monopoly’s battleship and top hat TOKENS
Mulligatawny utensil LADLE
Observe SEE
Out of fashion OLD
Parish leader RECTOR
Peculiar ODD
Previously, in poetry ERE
Put a stop to ENDED
Radio format for Fleetwood Mac and Heart CLASSICROCK
Rapper with the 1995 hit “I Wish” SKEELO
Roadwork goo TAR
Scarlett’s love RHETT
Seehorn of “Better Call Saul” RHEA
Self-checkout spot? MIRROR
Side with a club COLESLAW
Silently agrees NODS
Similar AKIN
Social-distancing proponent LONER
Soviet space station MIR
Superior sort SNOB
Swindle SCAM
Swindler, say CROOK
Takes place OCCURS
That fellow HIM
Tie-resolving periods, for short OTS
Title character in a Beverly Cleary book series RAMONA
Turn away, as one’s eyes AVERT
Unnerves SCARES
When Juliet first meets Romeo ACTONE
Where Oxford types might hang out? CLOTHESRACK
Yahtzee quintet DICE