- Dec 28 2020

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Clues Answers
''Beauty and the __'' BEAST
''Let me think about it'' ILLSEE
''Pronto!'' RIGHTAWAY
''Pronto!'' POSTHASTE
''__ of Two Cities'' ATALE
Apple discard CORE
Apt to snoop NOSY
Aspirin target PAIN
Beauty-pageant crown TIARA
Birch or beech TREE
Bullfight cheers OLES
Catch in a trap ENSNARE
Catch on to GET
Cats and dogs, for example PETS
Changed the color of DYED
Cheapskates MISERS
Con game SCAM
Construction-site fastener RIVET
Consumer USER
Corrosive chemicals ACIDS
Creative thought IDEA
Crescent moon, for instance PHASE
Daisy look-alike ASTER
Desert haven OASIS
Despise HATE
Devoured ATEUP
Do sums ADD
Dollar bill ONE
Extra tires SPARES
Fair-to-middling SOSO
Finishes first WINS
Fish in a can SARDINE
Formal headgear TOPHAT
Frequently ALOT
Gets to one's feet STANDS
Go inside ENTER
Groups of cattle HERDS
Clues Answers
Health resorts SPAS
Held the deed to OWNED
High-IQ group MENSA
Homes for canaries CAGES
Hushed ''Hey!'' PSST
Joined the chorus SANG
Less relaxed TENSER
Lip balm additive ALOE
Location SITE
Military no-show: Abbr AWOL
Mine extracts ORES
Musical drama OPERA
Nonwritten exam ORAL
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Ought to SHOULD
Parka, for example COAT
Pasta, potatoes, etc CARBS
Patsies SAPS
Pigpen STY
Read quickly SCAN
Roof overhang EAVE
Room coolers: Abbr ACS
Runner's circuits LAPS
Sandwich shop DELI
Secret agents SPIES
Sheriff's insignia BADGE
Shoebox tops LIDS
Shoppers' handwritten references LISTS
Singer's note-span RANGE
Snow vehicle SLED
Solemn vow OATH
Spring months APRILS
Sweeties DEARS
Take a chance DARE
Tear apart RIP
Vending-machine openings SLOTS
Wild brawl MELEE
Windshield shading TINT
Writing instrument PEN