The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,102 - Dec 28 2020

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Clues Answers
Affectionate note from landlord after nothing LOVELETTER
Bad actor promises to be appalling ATROCIOUS
Called out robust greeting HAIL
Cautious store receiving censure DELIBERATE
Clumsy writer getting upset during sex INEPT
Connected regularly at that time ONCE
Contemplation of mirror image REFLECTION
Decided to repair bottom of shoe split by tips of umpteen tacks RESOLUTE
Deeply disturb small milliner SHATTER
Element revolting artist added to a sauce CARBONARA
Expert to welcome short snack in bar PROHIBIT
Gorge dinner a vineyard partly supplies RAVINE
Grasped stout and sheltered FATHOMED
Husband getting in metal flying machine CHOPPER
Lead giant troops astray PROTAGONIST
Clues Answers
Loathe getting low grades on exam DETEST
Love rues dancing on top of stool for us OURSELVES
Measure abs peloton developed TABLESPOON
Notice disagreement is rootless ADRIFT
Pocket fitting APPROPRIATE
Pound found in bathrobe THROB
Ready after time for offal TRIPE
Respond with regard to law REACT
Revolutionary animal liberationist keeping account BILL
Run back around troops causing distress TORMENT
Settled anger in parody SATIRE
Skilfully control worker and work MANOEUVRE
Toy lightsaber Ewoks gave Obi-Wan initially LEGO
Toy with operation on small lumps DOLLOPS
Voluntary platoon dispersed around island OPTIONAL