Universal - Dec 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"We're in trouble now!" OHNO
"___ me about it!" TELL
"___ of the d'Urbervilles" TESS
*Advantageous position INSIDETRACK
*Easily upset HIGHSTRUNG
*House cleaners and such OUTSIDEHELP
*Like most raw vegetables LOWCALORIE
Admonition in a library SHH
Ailing ILL
All's opposite NONE
Amateur's opposite PRO
Apartment relative CONDO
Apollo or Ares GOD
Astronomer's chart STARMAP
Baaing females EWES
Bird that's a fast runner EMU
Book slips? ERRATA
Brazilian soccer great PELE
Brings under control QUELLS
Chatter on and on PRATE
Color mixed with blue to make purple RED
Curled-lip expression SNEER
Dining hall choice MEALPLAN
Diva's big moment SOLO
Drag ___ QUEEN
Dryer screen buildup LINT
E-flat equivalent DSHARP
Entice LURE
Fabulist whose stories often feature speaking animals AESOP
Former CBS forensic drama CSI
Friend, in France AMIE
Frustrating roommate, perhaps SLOB
Gossip DIRT
Greek H's ETAS
Hoped-for RSVPs YESES
Imposes, as a tax LEVIES
In need of food HUNGRY
Item of clothing that's also a synonym for "belt" SOCK
Jumping insect FLEA
Clues Answers
Key two rows above Tab ESC
Little one TYKE
Long-lasting 'dos PERMS
Make fun of at a public event ROAST
Moray or conger fish EEL
Mr. ___ ("Fantasy Island" role) ROARKE
Mummy's resting place TOMB
Necklace of flowers LEI
Nonprofit's URL ending, frequently ORG
Obey the photographer, perhaps SMILE
Off pitch? ... and a hint to the starred answers' starts BALL
Place to sit CHAIR
Psychic's deck TAROT
Reception host EMCEE
Rolled up, as a flag FURLED
Run in the sun? MELT
Seasoning phrase TOTASTE
Senior dance PROM
Slightly open AJAR
Soft leather SUEDE
Soothing plant ALOE
Split apart CLEAVE
State northwest of West Virginia OHIO
Stuck in a bog MIRED
Sunrise times DAWNS
They're unwelcome in the kitchen ANTS
Triumphed WON
Upgrade the equipment of RETOOL
Ways to enter the highway ONRAMPS
Where to find many brick buildings? LEGOLAND
Wicked king of Judea HEROD
Woman's name that anagrams to "air" RIA
Words of admission IDID
Wrongly answer a test question? COPY
Your and my OUR
___-chic BOHO