Family Time - Dec 27 2020

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Clues Answers
"My country, ___ of thee ..." TIS
"Neither" follower NOR
"O ___, All Ye Faithful" COME
"You ___ here" ARE
A beautiful statue, for example ART
Absolutely delicious TASTY
Activate the elevator on the lowest level (2 words) PRESSUP
Air mover FAN
Any rescuer HERO
Baby seal or dog PUP
Be a hardworking drudge MOIL
Be composed (of) CONSIST
Beam of sunlight RAY
Big thing, with short-lived popularity FAD
Bloodsucking insect FLEA
Boys or young fellows LADS
Charitable donations distributed to the poor ALMS
Coal storage container BIN
Den, as for creatures LAIR
Do this with your noisy dance shoes TAP
Endeavor or attempt TRY
Flatten clothes IRON
French headwear BERET
Golfer's warning shout FORE
Good thing to wave FLAG
Happy Meal thing TOY
Home for a little birdie NEST
Hot dog holder BUN
Incredibly large heater SUN
Indianapolis is one CITY
Keister FANNY
Leg bender KNEE
Clues Answers
Like meat you have to cook RAW
Male hog BOAR
Marcus, Emma or Giselle, for example NAME
Matching group of collectibles SET
Misbehaving child in the middle of scrimping? IMP
Monetary limit CAP
Not attached to anything FREESTANDING
Onetime home for Eve EDEN
Only mammal that can fly BAT
Part of your eyeball IRIS
Powerful playing cards ACES
Proper wager BET
Relative after a wedding (2 words) INLAW
Result of not telling the truth LIE
Rural retail establishment (2 words) GENERALSTORE
Says with confidence ASSERTS
School singing "club" GLEE
Serving of butter PAT
Soup-heating vessel POT
Spoken ORAL
Stop standing SIT
Suffix with "select" ION
Tablecloth material, sometimes LACE
Take your band on the road TOUR
Take your yacht out for the day SAIL
Tiny infesting arachnid MITE
Try to persuade URGE
Type of acid in plants and animals FATTY
Type of dessert PIE
Used a park bench SAT
Very cleverly crafty SLY
Wide British scarf/tie ASCOT
___ to riches (inspiring type of tale) RAGS