The Washington Post - Dec 27 2020

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Clues Answers
'A horse is a horse' horse MRED
'All That Jazz' choreographer FOSSE
'Devil Inside' band INXS
'Dust in the Wind' rockers KANSAS
'Hang on ... ' INASEC
'I Left Something Turned __ Home': 1997 Trace Adkins hit ONAT
'M*A*S*H' figure MEDIC
'Othello' villain IAGO
'Silent Night' et al HYMNS
'True dat!' NOLIE
'Which one will it be?' CHOOSE
'__ had known ... ' IFI
50-50 chance TOSSUP
Absorbs, with 'up' SOPS
Action movie staple CARCRASH
Actress Lupino IDA
African capital once known as Salisbury HARARE
Alleviated EASED
Aloe __ VERA
Apple media player for silly songs? LOONEYITUNES
Apple product for unmarried men? BACHELORIPAD
Around CIRCA
Arrest NAB
Assert CLAIM
Balaban of 'Definitely, Maybe' LIANE
Barn-raising group AMISH
Beat anxiously RACED
Bend in pointe shoes PLIE
Bitcoin, e.g ECASH
Brand that once sported a crocodile IZOD
Brew with a hint of chocolate? HERSHEYIPA
Bye that's bid ADIEU
Charity ALMS
Cheater's device CRIB
Checked out in advance CASED
Chicago district, with 'the' LOOP
Chicago-to-Indianapolis dir SSE
Chill-inducing EERIE
Chopin work ETUDE
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Cold War enemy USSR
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Conk BOP
Contentious filings LAWSUITS
Cork's home EIRE
Corrida cries OLES
Côte d'__ AZUR
Court game word ALAI
Cut into cubes DICE
Dad's and Mug ROOTBEERS
Dark film genre NOIR
Day of the PGA JASON
Destination for aficionados MECCA
Deviate from a course YAW
Diamond's opposite, on the Mohs scale TALC
Donovan of 'Clueless' ELISA
Dorm diet staple RAMEN
E.T.'s Earth pal ELLIOTT
Eat away ERODE
Emulate Earhart AVIATE
EPA-banned toxins PCBS
Event in a classic William Peter Blatty novel EXORCISM
Fist bumps DAPS
Flower from the Greek for 'rainbow' IRIS
Form of security LIEN
Frites seasoning SEL
Generate, with 'up' DRUM
Gets a ride, but not a Lyft UBERS
Good news, in a metaphor MUSIC
Graceful FLUID
Half a '60s quartet MAMAS
Clues Answers
Half-off sale acronym BOGO
Holey Italian bread CIABATTA
Intimidate DAUNT
Investigation PROBE
Island east of Sumatra BORNEO
It may be an X or an O TAC
It may be up, with 'the' JIG
Jazz club group TRIO
Kauai breakfast restaurants? ISLANDIHOPS
Last of 24 OMEGA
Lebanese port SIDON
Like much of Nebraska RURAL
Like some ATM withdrawals NOFEE
Like Span. o-ending nouns MASC
List of PGA players with pictorial links to their bios? PROSANDICONS
Loyal servant YEOMAN
Nor. neighbor SWED
One with net income? SEINER
Opine, with 'in' CHIME
Order to a construction worker? RAISETHEIBAR
Ovine cry BAA
Parachute necessity CORD
Perfect one of three meals? SQUAREIDEAL
Prepared for surgery, in a way STERILE
Press IRON
Promoted to excess HYPED
Proposal OFFER
Puerto Rico's third-largest city PONCE
Reluctant LOATH
Second place? TENS
Seed pod ARIL
Silas with a loom MARNER
Some steaks LOINS
Standouts in a field ROCKSTARS
Stiffly proper PRIM
Street show RAREE
Style MODE
Summer quaffs ADES
Surveillance plane acronym AWACS
Suspension bridge support CABLE
Sweet-talk COAX
Swimsuit designer Gernreich RUDI
Tampico abode CASA
Test for jrs PSAT
The NFL had two of them in 2018 TIEGAMES
Throaty attention-getter AHEM
Title Kazakh in a 2006 spoof BORAT
Titles for attys ESQS
Trip odometer function RESET
Trojan king PRIAM
Twirled SPUN
Type of whiskey IRISH
U. of Maryland athlete TERP
University near Durham, NC ELON
Upper class ELITE
Upper left key ESC
Utah range UINTA
Utah Valley University city OREM
Vaulted LEAPT
Vitamin spec USRDA
Weather-monitoring gp NOAA
Win by __ ANOSE
Worked with a crew, maybe OARED
Workplace movie screen? OFFICEIMAX
Worth a rave review, in show biz BOFFO
__ facto IPSO
__ polloi HOI
__ Sticks: drain-cleaning aid SANI