New York Times - Dec 27 2020

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Clues Answers
'My goodness!' ISAY
'Notorious' rap nickname BIGPOPPA
'See ya' ADIOS
'To be honest ...' FACTIS
1981 Stephen King thriller CUJO
A student may pass it NOTE
A thing in poker? ACE
Airplane ___ MODE
Anthony ___, 1950s British P.M EDEN
Apartment, in real estate talk UNIT
Apollo's half brother ARES
Bake, as an egg SHIRR
Being fixed, as a car at a garage INREPAIR
Bevy : quails :: mob : ___ EMUS
Big game changer? LIONTAMER
Booty call? BUTTDIAL
Brand of pads SOS
Business partners BOOMANDBUST
Business suits? CEOS
C.I.A. whistle-blower Philip AGEE
Calendar row WEEK
Canoodling in a crowd, for short PDA
Certain bolt holder TNUT
Cheer for Real Madrid OLE
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Close call SCARE
Cocktail with rum, curaçao and fruit juice MAITAI
Commotion ADO
Core principles TENETS
Debut album for Etta James ATLAST
Deceptive talk HUMBUG
Deep-fried tortilla dish TOSTADA
Didn't go anywhere SAT
Domestic partners ROOMANDBOARD
Drinking game that requires aim BEERPONG
Dweeb DORK
Earnest request PLEA
Emperor who ruled for more than 13 years, dying at age 30 NERO
Encountered by chance RANACROSS
Event organizer's count ATTENDEES
Evil Kermit or Grumpy Cat MEME
Extinct flightless bird that once grew up to 12 feet MOA
Famous bed-in participant ONO
Fervent believer ZEALOT
Fill with freight LADE
First dynasty of imperial China, 221-206 B.C QIN
Fiscal year div QTR
Flier trier? TESTPILOT
For example SUCHAS
Gave a boost GOOSED
Gave up CEDED
Group of heavies GOONSQUAD
Have a preference LEAN
Having a very high body mass index OBESE
How Phileas Fogg traveled AFAR
How-to manual component STEP
Indefinite degrees NTHS
Investment options, for short CDS
It may be blond, brown or ginger ALE
Kid's refrigerator display ART
Kindergarten comeback ISSO
Lake largely fed by the Detroit River ERIE
Leigh who played Scarlett VIVIEN
Lemon or lime drinks, informally ADES
Like monarch butterflies ORANGE
Like some vinaigrette BALSAMIC
Like the water in a whistling teakettle ABOIL
Clues Answers
Magazine bestowing Best of Beauty awards ALLURE
Makes a typo, say ERRS
Modern meeting method ZOOM
Money in coins rather than bills SPECIE
More eye-catching GLITZIER
Mount ___, workplace of the Cyclopes in Greek myth ETNA
Nest noise CHIRP
Not a big studio film INDIE
Noticeably amazed AGAPE
Obstinate sort DEFIER
Of the utmost quality FINEST
Officers above capts MAJS
P.D. or F.D. worker EMT
Patchy in color PIED
Perturbation UNEASE
Piano tune RAG
Portend BODE
Problems with streaming LAGS
Prominent feature of the Who's 'My Generation' BASSSOLO
Puller of strings? HARPIST
Puzzled remark IDUNNO
Really stood out SHINED
Red ___ SEA
Representatives' term lengths BIENNIA
Requests at security lines IDS
Richard of 'Chicago' GERE
Rihanna or Mariah Carey POPIDOL
Romantic partners HUGSANDKISSES
Ryder ride VAN
S-shaped moldings OGEES
Salmon and sturgeon delicacies ROES
Setting for Hitchcock's 'Notorious,' informally RIO
Sewing 101 assignment HEM
Silent partners PEACEANDQUIET
Simple palindromic reply to 'Madam, I'm Adam' EVE
Singer with the 2020 album 'A Holly Dolly Christmas' PARTON
Small hole-drilling tool GIMLET
Snapchatter's request ADDME
Some U.S. space launch rockets DELTAS
Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man, for Calvin in 'Calvin and Hobbes' ALTEREGOS
Spanish article UNA
Sponge off of USE
Sport with saddles POLO
Still being debugged INBETA
Subject of a Magritte work (or not?) PIPE
Sweet red dessert wine GRENACHE
Sweetness and sourness TASTES
Take possession of GET
Talents KNACKS
Teen's woe ZIT
This is what it sounds like when doves cry COOS
Tight-fitting suits SPEEDOS
Train ticket info, for short ETD
Turn against SOURON
Unfortunate events, old-style HAPS
Universal donor's blood type, in brief ONEG
Vegan milk source SOY
Venomous snake MAMBA
Villain with the 'real' name Edward Nigma RIDDLER
Walker's need LEASH
What San Diego and Tijuana do ABUT
Who 'can get in the way of what I feel for you,' in a 2007 #1 Alicia Keys hit NOONE
Winter setting in N.Y.C EST
Wonder AWE
Words accompanying a headshot, in brief BIO
Writing partners PENANDPAPER
___ learning REMOTE
___ to come YET