Universal - Dec 26 2020

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Clues Answers
"Bad call, ref!" BOO
"Breakout" game company ATARI
$200 Monopoly properties: Abbr RRS
ABC a.m. show GMA
All-inclusive offer PACKAGEDEAL
Alleged author of two biblical works STLUKE
Animal with long ears ASS
Apple product discontinued in 2017 IPODSHUFFLE
Appreciative poem ODE
Arched foot part INSTEP
Basic survey choice YES
Be penitent ATONE
Bearded antelope GNU
Bit of Spanish finger food TAPA
Bottom of a ship KEEL
Came and ___ WENT
Came ashore LANDED
Changed the decor of REDID
Chip off the ___ block OLD
Comprehend GRASP
Contents of a gardener's packet SEEDS
Cubed in the kitchen DICED
Do concerts in city after city TOUR
Easy to set up, as a computer PLUGANDPLAY
Estrangement RIFT
European island country MALTA
Expensive theater section LOGE
Expert MAVEN
Facts and figures, for short INFO
Feeling sad LOW
Flatten in boxing KAYO
Follow instructions OBEY
Frankenstein's helper IGOR
French friends AMIS
Gnawing rodents RATS
Go parasailing, perhaps SOAR
Guys on ships SEAMEN
Idris of "Concrete Cowboy" ELBA
Clues Answers
Improved, like a cigar AGED
Instant decaf brand SANKA
Last in the batting order NINTH
Make possible ENABLE
May in the U.K THERESA
Mental health SANITY
Miller's fodder GRIST
Nickname that omits "orah" DEB
Omelet ingredient EGG
One can't work without a net GOALIE
One may hold a microphone STAND
Open, as a gate latch UNBAR
PC alternative MAC
Prius, for one HYBRID
Pro's opposite CON
Rejuvenating destinations DAYSPAS
Responders to "sic 'em" ATTACKDOGS
Senate staffers AIDES
Singer Bareilles SARA
Skunk's smell, say ODOR
Special qualities of a region LOCALCOLOR
Square diamond shape PRINCESSCUT
Stow on board LADE
The Bard's river AVON
The Metropolitan Museum of ___ ART
Thinnest U.S. coins DIMES
Uncivil RUDE
Use a Juul VAPE
Utah ski resort ALTA
Voting group BLOC
Wanderer NOMAD
Watched closely EYED
Wear away ERODE
Word before "pan" or "paper" CREPE
Words of resignation IGIVE
___ pants (calf-length trousers) CAPRI
___ Park, Colorado ESTES