Universal - Dec 25 2020

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Clues Answers
"I'm not really excited" MEH
"Madama Butterfly" solo ARIA
"NewsHour" network PBS
"Odyssey" characters? (7 to 4) GREEKALPHABET
"The Greatest" in the ring ALI
"We're all in the same ___!" BOAT
"___ in the Sky With Diamonds" LUCY
African capital on the Atlantic RABAT
Alan with six Golden Globes ALDA
Altar vow IDO
Animal detective of film ACEVENTURA
As easy as ___ ABC
Auctioneer's second-to-last word GOING
Bloke CHAP
Capital of Germany? EURO
Carnivorous aquatic mammal OTTER
Champ or Major, for the Bidens PET
Circus entertainer CLOWN
Clothing designer Fisher EILEEN
Comfy shoe, informally MOC
Competitive "Fortnite" and others ESPORTS
Cooking spray brand PAM
Cow's call MOO
Customizable cookie OREO
Deep hole PIT
Dog breeders' org AKC
Drink often served in pints ALE
Enroll at a foreign university (see letters 7 to 5 in this answer) STUDYABROAD
Faux ___ PAS
For the time being PROTEM
Free TV spot PSA
Graduate of a women's college ALUMNA
Guitar neck features FRETS
Ill. neighbor WIS
Iowa liberal arts college COE
King Lear's second daughter REGAN
Latin pop star who sang "Anything for You" (8 to 6) GLORIAESTEFAN
Clues Answers
Like a "D" grade POOR
Loser to a tortoise HARE
Main artery AORTA
Many a meeting could be replaced by one EMAIL
Menu for Cut and Paste EDIT
Nearly vertical, as a slope STEEP
Oil well apparatus RIG
Part of a venetian blind SLAT
Polish's language family SLAVIC
Princess of Avalor ELENA
Pronoun for an ewe SHE
Purse accessories with jingly contents KEYCASES
Read for errors PROOF
Run away with your love ELOPE
Runs in the laundry BLEEDS
Santa ___ ANA
Say "Bravo!," say CHEER
Sch. in Charlottesville UVA
Source of ruin BANE
Speed for some ESPN clips SLOMO
Stadium jeer BOO
Start over on REDO
Tag line? NOTIT
Takes over COOPTS
Top-left key ESC
Tweet feature that lets people vote POLL
Umpire's opening call PLAYBALL
Undivided ONE
Unspecified degree NTH
Vacates a seat? RISES
Wasn't involved with at all (6 to 3) HADNOPARTIN
What roadies lift AMPS
Wickedness EVIL
Wine vessels FLAGONS
Winter jacket PARKA
Words after "I can't hear you well" COMECLOSER
___ Domini ANNO
___-Magnon man CRO