The Washington Post - Dec 25 2020

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Clues Answers
'50s-'70s singer with 12 Billboard Top 10 hits PAULANKA
'Project Runway' host KLUM
63-Across chorus line PARUMPUMPUMPUM
Annoying sorts TWERPS
Asian desert GOBI
Boeing competitor AIRBUS
Business card no TEL
Circle dance HORA
Demanding INNEEDOF
Don't have to guess KNOW
Econ. stat GDP
Entertains HOSTS
European border range URAL
Excessively TOO
Fabric-dyeing process BATIK
Fauna component ANIMAL
Fit to serve ONEA
Ford's second commercial success MODELA
Frederick Douglass, notably ORATOR
Freight meas LBS
Gore and Green ALS
Greeting in a state nickname ALOHA
Hindu philosophy TANTRA
Indy 500 initialism STP
Inventory evaluation term FIRSTIN
Iron-rich blood pigment HEME
King of Judea HEROD
Lanford Wilson's 'The __ Baltimore' HOTL
Like ALA
Like Eeyore's outlook GLOOMY
Like Oscar of 'The Odd Couple' or 'Sesame Street' MESSY
Maneuver STEER
Mideast carrier ELAL
Mineo of 'Rebel Without a Cause' SAL
Mooch BUM
Novelist Levin IRA
Oft-heard disembodied voice SIRI
One standing before the king and queen PAWN
Clues Answers
Opposite of guzzle SIP
Org. that tests cosmetics FDA
Pesky sort IMP
Poet's concern METER
Rascal SCAMP
Resist, with 'at' BALK
Royal Botanic Gardens locale KEW
Ruler of anc. Rome EMP
Seasonal favorite LITTLEDRUMMERBOY
Seasonal favorite DECKTHEHALLS
See 40-Across LALALALA
Senator's helper AIDE
Seriously off the mark, as a throw WILD
Show appreciation to THANK
Silent MUM
Spencer of 'Good Morning America' LARA
Sport for swingers? POLO
Swirl EDDY
Sycophant TOADY
They're often seen on slides AMEBAS
Toss insults (at) SNIPE
Tulsa sch. with a Prayer Tower ORU
Turkmenistan neighbor IRAN
Uncontrolled AMOK
Unfair outcome RAWDEAL
Wall St. event IPO
Washington airport SEATAC
What Y can imply MALE
Where impatient hands might be placed ONHIPS
With 43-Across, 21-Across chorus line FALALALALA
Woeful word ALAS
Word with due or true NORTH
Yell CRY
Yukon Gold source IDAHO
[It vanished!] PFFT
__ Cruces LAS