The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1773

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Clues Answers
A quiet intermission around end of recital — then this erupts? APPLAUSE
Company gathered together to find astronomical object COMET
Criminal attempt recalled in regret ROGUE
Criticise return of routine: source of eventual happiness RAPTURE
Discover truth about complaint — not good RUMBLE
Follow poster used in display SHADOW
Get a sense of payment left FEEL
I will interrupt passage in church, being artless NAIVE
Imitate policeman going to Yard COPY
It helps one observe end of alluring girl linked to 007? SPYGLASS
Item for discussion is not quite lacking it, somehow QUESTION
Last pair of gardeners in gardens attack the weeds? That’s a lucky thing HORSESHOE
Meaningless, largely empty confusion MESS
Clues Answers
One of Snow White’s dwarfs very quietly brought in grass HAPPY
One of the birds or bats CUCKOO
Peevish Queen reformed rule over America QUERULOUS
Religious in abundance, but dismissing heads of Catholic order PIOUS
Ridicule medicine, or remedy, finally PILLORY
Some editor-in-chief is calling regarding the Treasury FISCAL
Son, upper-class type, and bishop needing no work to become snooty SNOBBISH
Space programme’s latest? Look amazed GAPE
Speak, for example SAY
Stories about King making responses on social media LIKES
Support record showing work not yet completed BACKLOG
Unwell still, though losing stone ILL
Variety of plait seen around one girl’s head? PIGTAIL