Universal - Dec 23 2020

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Clues Answers
"Hey, you!" PSST
"Waiting for ___" (Beckett play) GODOT
'90s music purchases CDS
(This is heavy!) GRUNT
180 degrees from WSW ENE
50-50 choice for a test taker FALSE
A gym buff's is buff BODY
Abraham nearly sacrificed him ISAAC
Any "Friends" episode, in 2020 RERUN
Aquarius' opposite sign LEO
Aspirations DREAMS
Back of the boat STERN
BB shooters AIRGUNS
Beyond well-done BURNT
Big name in nail polish OPI
Bit of in-flight info ETA
Border on ABUT
Broccoli rabe RAPINI
Cellos' neighbors VIOLAS
Certain loan specification RATECAP
Class where tangents are important, briefly? TRIG
Clutch or duffel BAG
Conservatory work? OPUS
Country star Eldredge BRETT
Dated OLD
Deposits, as an egg LAYS
Diplomatic representatives EMISSARIES
Dog that rhymes with "grr" CUR
Encircle GIRD
Expansive VAST
First or last part of 40-Down EAST
Former Egyptian leader hidden in "sets a date" SADAT
Former governor whose sons are Andrew and Chris MARIOCUOMO
Gallery manners? ARTDECORUM
Game with Skip and Reverse cards UNO
Give a one-star review, say PAN
Grandpa Simpson ABE
Harness strap REIN
Clues Answers
Head-scratcher ENIGMA
Highly skilled ADROIT
In unison ASONE
Iowa home of a Big 12 team AMES
Killmonger who battles T'Challa ERIK
Like laced punch, and a hint to what's been added to 17-, 32-, 41- and 59-Across SPIKED
Mama's mama NANA
Mine finds ORES
Mist that makes you look like president Harry? SPRAYONTRUMAN
Most wise SAGEST
Neutral tone BEIGE
Nobelist Pavlov IVAN
Notices a backward warning in "The Shining"? SEESREDRUM
Ode to one's favorite cuts of beef? RUMPSILOVEYOU
Official language of Oman ARABIC
Pair DUO
Pays to play ANTES
Pet such as a manx CAT
Physics particle ATOM
Places for nursing babies BOSOMS
Poseidon's realm OCEAN
Prized stone GEM
Product of a brainstorm IDEA
Profs' helpers TAS
Rapunzel has lots of it HAIR
Ridge on a banjo FRET
Rustic venue for a hipster wedding BARN
Server on skates, perhaps CARHOP
Sphere ORB
Stepping on a crack, some say OMEN
Surrounded by AMID
They may update an app USERS
Vatican City inhabitant POPE
Vigor BRIO
Where to enter a PIN ATM
___ Angeles Sparks LOS
___ mode ALA
___ to lunch OUT