- Dec 23 2020

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Clues Answers
''Enough, I get it!'' OKOK
''Peter Pan'' pirate SMEE
25 Across' delight SMORGASBORD
25 Across' delight BREAKFASTBUFFET
25 Across' favorite sign ALLYOUCARETOEAT
Actress Winona RYDER
Airport curb feature CABSTAND
Ancient tale MYTH
Architectural detail SPEC
Baldwin of ''30 Rock'' ALEC
Banquet ritual SPEECH
British battleship letters HMS
Broadway award TONY
Charlie Chaplin's hat DERBY
Church book PSALTER
Command to a canine HEEL
Competent ABLE
Construction locale SITE
Continental separator OCEAN
Conversant with UPON
Criticize severely SCATHE
Did the butterfly SWAM
Diminutive suffix ETTE
Diploma phrase CUMLAUDE
Disney deer BAMBI
Early afternoon ONE
Encrypted, as a message CODED
Enthusiasm ELAN
Ft. Lauderdale summer setting EDT
Guy with a huge appetite TRENCHERMAN
Home of kings and queens DECK
Image consultant guys PRMEN
Kyoto cash YEN
Like lipstick OILY
Locksmithing, e.g TRADE
Luau instrument UKE
Make different ALTER
Mary, to Abe Lincoln WIFE
Merit-badge holder SASH
Clues Answers
Mix together BLEND
Music genre FOLK
Musical postscript CODA
Nemesis ENEMY
Octopi organs INKSACS
Online auctioneer EBAY
Over with PAST
Overhead visit FLYBY
Pack away STOW
Palo __, CA ALTO
Patron saint of England GEORGE
Peace of mind EASE
Prepare for a photo POSE
Rascal SNEAK
Ready to go SET
Recital performance SOLO
Sheep sound BAA
Short hairdos BOBS
Sound of a small bell DING
Soup flavoring DILL
Spanish entree PAELLA
Spy org CIA
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Stove-top vessels PANS
Superlative suffix EST
Take a break RELAX
Take a survey POLL
The RAF, to Churchill SOFEW
Tot's cry MAMA
Track-and-field event MEET
Underworld river STYX
US base in Cuba, informally GITMO
Use rod and reel FISH
Valentine's Day bouquet ROSES
Wanders ROVES
Where most of Turkey is ASIA
Wild guess STAB
Yak it up GAB