The Washington Post - Dec 22 2020

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Clues Answers
'Do __ others ... ' UNTO
'Hava Nagila' dance HORA
'It __ stopped me yet!' HASNT
'Just a scratch, really' ... and a hint to the starts of 17-, 27-, 36- and 46-Across ITSNOTHING
'Son of Frankenstein' role YGOR
'The Blacklist' agcy FBI
'The Matrix' hero NEO
'Warts and all' wart FLAW
Angelic aura HALO
Arouses WHETS
Bacon go-with EGGS
Ballpark hooter BOOER
Belle's counterpart BEAU
Bible man made from earth ADAM
Chipmunk, e.g RODENT
Choreographer Saarinen TERO
Clarifying words IMEAN
Cuban coins PESOS
Decision that clinches the victory KEYMOVE
Diarist Frank ANNE
Edible coloring FOODDYE
Emotional poem ODE
English national anthem originally in French OCANADA
Exercise involving a push-up position SQUATTHRUST
Form W-2 org IRS
FĂștbol cheer OLE
Goes public with AIRS
Half of dos UNO
Hammer target NAIL
Have something AIL
Highchair wear BIB
Hooray antonym ALAS
Horse with a spotted coat APPALOOSA
How carpaccio is sliced THINLY
Humans-on-the-moon org NASA
Irksome insect GNAT
Clues Answers
Iron mine output ORE
Jobs for plumbers LEAKS
Katelyn Nacon's role on 'The Walking Dead' ENID
Library ID ISBN
Like a cloudy day GRAY
Lose interest in TIREOF
Luke, to Anakin SON
Make restitution ATONE
Minnelli of 'Cabaret' LIZA
Nautical rope TYE
Not cut back, as branches UNPRUNED
Nutrition info spot LABEL
Painter Claude MONET
Party attendees lineup GUESTLIST
Passed-on stories LORE
Past the pain of a breakup, say OVERIT
Pencil maze word ENTER
Play-calling gatherings HUDDLES
Pre-performance pitch-setting wind OBOE
Protein-rich vegan fare TOFU
R.E. Lee foe USGRANT
Relying (on) COUNTING
Sailor TAR
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Seed-bearing organ OVARY
Simple question type YESNO
Sinful financial craving LOVEOFMONEY
Skin concern CYST
State-sponsored gambling game LOTTO
Stop-motion medium CLAY
Third-largest German city, to Germans MUNCHEN
Vodka mixer TONIC
Where Israel is ASIA
Who, in Quebec QUI
Witness' promise OATH
Wrinkle remover IRON
Written so as to discourage erasure INPEN
__-Caps: candy SNO