The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 22 2020

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Clues Answers
Accomplish ACHIEVE
Alpha male in charge for minute ATOMIC
Argument DISPUTE
Award bestowed in Slade Green DEGREE
Belonging nowhere ROOTLESS
Blasting compound DYNAMITE
Boss takes actor round colliery DOMINEER
Buddhist temple PAGODA
Call IOUs doubtful DUBIOUS
Cheaply-made beer in tea? HOMEBREW
Crumbs soldier gives dog CORGI
Dad traps a deity in shrine PAGODA
Dallas clan among few in Gulf EWING
Digs around with spades always moving? ROOTLESS
Economy BUDGET
Foregoing PRIOR
Get and have ice melting ACHIEVE
Girl left idiot LASS
Heavy sea DEEP
Impressive ewe Amos butchered AWESOME
Inspiring wonder AWESOME
King Edward small and sweet? SPUD
Clues Answers
Leave out OMIT
Ma's wise to get therapy MASSAGE
Monastery not completed earlier PRIOR
Move initially tight spending plan BUDGET
Mum to Bart MARGE
Naval rank ENSIGN
Notice toy brought round for groveller TOADY
Nuclear ATOMIC
Picture-taker CAMERA
Potato SPUD
Profound DEEP
Row D is located next to E DISPUTE
Saw person wandering in empty pub PROVERB
Seabirds GULLS
Seaside scavengers are fools GULLS
Snapper turned up with artist CAMERA
Some from Ithaca to exclude OMIT
Sycophant TOADY
The sticks being far from dull? DYNAMITE
Topless men sing drunkenly for officer ENSIGN
TV oil family EWING
Uncertain DUBIOUS
Welsh canine CORGI
Wizard entertaining King and Mrs Simpson MARGE
Young woman LASS