The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,101 - Dec 21 2020

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Clues Answers
... bonus almost certain before it's over SURPLUS
Benefit from circulating hot stuff around island AVAIL
Bound to involve bribe when turning over bank ... DEPOSIT
Come up again to put new top on RESURFACE
Comical cleric destined to take on the right FATHERTED
Confectioner's outlet, the best place for making contact? SWEETSPOT
Controversial reason for electronic crime, perhaps EMOTIVE
Didn't pursue report of second reservation BACKEDOUT
During demo, jihadis display sign of feeling EMOJI
Endless street party that's getting louder CRESCENDO
Family embracing headstrong daughter fail spectacularly CRASHLAND
Feed is fetched using this step NOTCH
Freakishly odd stones are a fairground attraction DODGEMS
Gent had it prepared for special meal with his partner DATENIGHT
Girl getting introduced by lecturer during professional disaster DEBACLE
Horror is not quite real when shown in 2-D DREAD
Clues Answers
Inspect valued gift on a regular basis AUDIT
Keep progressing area extended under foundation ROCKALONG
Keying errors dame made from form, for example TYPOS
Longest in bats for just one run SINGLETON
Message is dry with little content TWEET
Naturally embracing fellow that's lost OFFCOURSE
Officer who will cherish organisation's resources TREASURER
One finds reason for passing nothing during recess CORONER
Part of a rose, say, that's favourite with nearly everyone PETAL
Property of double bluff CONDO
Rebuke socialist changing positions where celebrities are found REDCARPET
Run? Strangely, yes and no STAND
Sign over hotel is a dubious one CHANCER
Sounds of disapproval about American actions TASKS
Test missing section attached to waste outlet creating disease TETANUS
They're known to have experience making boxing rings ROPES