The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 21 2020

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Clues Answers
Aniseed liqueur ABSINTHE
Artwork features headless parrot in cage COLLAGE
Beat, soundly? RHYTHM
Capital found in politico's loft OSLO
Carried out retribution: gave Ned thrashing AVENGED
Chinese beverage GREENTEA
Crash is pain: that's about right PRANG
Crime to steal lead from clergyman ARSON
Cul-de-sac DEADEND
David Letterman's not working IDLE
Device in building is moved GISMO
Doing nothing IDLE
Domicile ABODE
Estate finally claimed by sweet relative NIECE
Everyone unknown in band together ALLY
Feline visit gets noisy reception CATCALL
Fire-raising ARSON
Flotilla ARMADA
Forgetfulness AMNESIA
Friendly country ALLY
Gadget GISMO
Garment used in marathon generally THONG
Gave beer out as drink BEVERAGE
Ladies' man CHARMER
Late finish is an obstacle DEADEND
Leather strip THONG
Men's pants YFRONTS
Minion has facial bruise with edges not visible LACKEY
Clues Answers
Minor accident PRANG
Minute part in new codes cracked SECOND
Mum to loiter and swing the lead MALINGER
Musical pulse RHYTHM
Norwegian city OSLO
One young woman not quite right AMISS
Paid back AVENGED
Pain accordingly doubled? SOANDSO
Paste-up COLLAGE
Pig meat PORK
Place person in A&E ABODE
Ribbed fabric TWILL
Rising male artist in naval force ARMADA
Sausage variety in shop or kitchen PORK
Scoundrel SOANDSO
Servant LACKEY
Short time SECOND
Sibling's daughter NIECE
Ten agree to brew drink GREENTEA
The Bourne Condition? AMNESIA
This bane might be drink ABSINTHE
This weave includes leaning lines primarily TWILL
Unusually frosty north: underwear needed YFRONTS
Whistle of disapproval CATCALL
Witch perhaps, church member and monarch CHARMER
Wrong or awry AMISS