The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27853

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Clues Answers
A type lacking finish is similar AKIN
Article by Catholic dignitary about an Anglo-Saxon responsibility THANEDOM
At home this person’s invested in fast pain relief LINIMENT
Attractive grassy areas used in first half of game PLEASING
Aussie native taking tea with male fellow lodger room-mate
Book written in African state, primarily on Shakespearean steward MALVOLIO
Bovine bloke protecting posh legislator LUMPEN
Exercise gets first of bulky blokes losing eight stone PEBBLE
Food for people with shares? ploughmans lunch
Girl presented by one’s second son ISABEL
Greet journalist protecting usual extremists? That’s knotty NODULATED
He reigns ineptly, though fairly committed to environment GREENISH
Laid back about English knight’s disclaimer DENIAL
Money divided by male soldiers in that place THEREIN
Monster involved in rather gory comeback OGRE
Clues Answers
Most elegant farm animal is French NEATEST
My clue cooked up for Aristotle’s school LYCEUM
Old man with money picked up something to suck LOLLIPOP
Old Scandinavian identifies chap from the south NORSEMAN
Ordinal produced by philosopher in hot resort MILLIONTH
Peer that goes without golf throughout a number of months YEARLONG
Popular mason disturbed about current sleep disorder INSOMNIA
Printing unit, sound and arousing jealousy ENVIABLE
Reindeer in peril, about to be substituted for good DANCER
Scope revealed by Oscar, standing in in goal AMBITION
Small cup offered by girl in sanctimonious family PANNIKIN
Sustenance teachers finally sought, eating nothing in Paris NUTRIENT
Sweetener giving defensive player stimulation at first KICKBACK
Unacceptable mendacity? Not near the centre OUTLYING