- Dec 20 2020

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Clues Answers
''Garfield'' waitress IRMA
''M*A*S*H'' locale KOREA
''Petite Danseuse'' sculptor DEGAS
''Star Trek'' engineer SCOTTY
''Three Tall Women'' playwright ALBEE
''__ I can help it!'' NOTIF
A good deal PLENTY
Accentuate STRESS
Aims high ASPIRES
Airlines, for instance CARRIERS
Alan Ladd western SHANE
Allies' foe AXIS
Alternate title for the puzzle LETSFACEIT
Anglers' equipment RODS
Annex ADD
Aquaria TANKS
As it happens LIVE
At all EVER
Backslide RELAPSE
Be mindful of GIVEANEARTO
Bergman's ''Gaslight'' costar BOYER
Biblical affirmative YEA
Bistro seating BOOTH
BLT spread MAYO
Bovine baby CALF
Boyfriend BEAU
Bring to bear EXERT
Brings to court SUES
Brit's ''Later!'' TATA
Broad valleys DALES
Brownish purple PUCE
Campsite shelters TENTS
Coat hooks PEGS
Coin factory MINT
Committee PANEL
Cozy places NOOKS
Croc's cousin GATOR
Current fad RAGE
Dapper NATTY
Declares in advance PREDICTS
Demolition material TNT
Derive logically INFER
Destroy documents, in a way SHRED
Didn't need the music PLAYEDBYEAR
Diver's device SNORKEL
Downward change DECREASE
El Greco's birthplace CRETE
Emporium events SALES
Enjoy the paper READ
Explode GOOFF
Extinguish, with ''out'' PUT
Far beyond the norm ULTRA
Far from stern LAX
First king of the Franks CLOVIS
Flip-chart stand EASEL
Former spouses EXES
French composer SATIE
Furious IRATE
Giant screen film format IMAX
Green sauce PESTO
Green vegetable KALE
Hamlet and Ophelia ROLES
Hardly seaworthy LEAKY
Have the lead STAR
Hints of color TINGES
Hotel employees MAIDS
How rumors spread WORDOFMOUTH
Identical SAME
Important period ERA
In-flight announcements ETAS
Clues Answers
Investigative reporter's asset NOSEFORNEWS
Iowa city AMES
Jazz great Fitzgerald ELLA
Keynoter's concern EYECONTACT
Language suffix ESE
Like computer data, often SORTABLE
Like flamingos LEGGY
Like some candy bars NUTTY
Listed to port, say LEANT
Little hill MOUND
Lo-cal LITE
Long slogs TREKS
Lubricates OILS
Major Prado artist GOYA
Maracas material GOURDS
Mechanic's needs TOOLS
Mellowed AGED
Merlot and Beaujolais REDS
Move it SCOOT
Multicolored PIED
Muscle toned from push-ups PEC
Navigator's concern ROUTE
Neither's partner NOR
Nickname of a Rice CONDI
Novelist Rice ANNE
Of oceanic movements TIDAL
Of the backbone SPINAL
Of the boonies RURAL
OR imperative STAT
Orderly state NEATNESS
Org. in the Capitol CONG
Oscar winner as Sophie MERYL
Part of SASE ENV
Pinnacle ACME
Port St. __, FL LUCIE
Putting away for later STORING
Rockies resort ASPEN
Saw-tooth mountain chain SIERRA
Schemes PLOTS
Sculling equipment OARS
Sculpted forms TORSOS
Second word of ''Jabberwocky'' BRILLIG
Section of a mansion WING
Señora Perón EVA
Singer __ King Cole NAT
Slugger of rhyme CASEY
Small plateau MESA
Sonata movement RONDO
Sounded like a 50 Across MOOED
Strong suits FORTES
Sweater style TURTLENECK
Threw a hissy fit RANTED
Ties up BINDS
Tiffs ROWS
Tina's ''30 Rock'' costar ALEC
Tire inflators PUMPS
Tundra's lack FOREST
Uncool NERDY
Upright ONEND
Viennese dessert TORTE
Water holders PAILS
Well-thought-out SENSIBLE
Wharton degrees MBAS
Whodunit hero PRIVATEEYE
Word before drum or guitar STEEL
World rotator, so they say LOVE
Young fella SONNY