New York Times - Dec 19 2020

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Clues Answers
'All right, you've got my interest' ILLBITE
'Cool' amount MIL
'Fine then!' BELIKETHAT
'Get ___!' REAL
1979 film with Bette Midler's first starring role THEROSE
Agamemnon's son ORESTES
Ape or parrot MIMIC
As you like it TOORDER
Audible nudge AHEM
Big ___ MAC
Bruce Lee in 'Fists of Fury,' for example ONEMANARMY
Cabinet additions HANDLES
Callisto's animal form, in Greek mythology BEAR
Case study? CRIMESCENE
Certain border HEM
Cheeks BUNS
Common material for a jacket ABOUTTHEAUTHOR
Creature whose name comes from the Tswana language TSETSE
Dark period for Monet NUIT
Delicate touch TACT
Dinner ___ ROLL
Does some lifting STEALS
Eponym of a European capital, by tradition ROMULUS
Excited, in modern slang TURNT
Firm, in a way ALDENTE
First track on a soundtrack album, often MAINTHEME
Flies ZIPS
Got a schoolmate in trouble, maybe TOLD
Hard and fast SET
How beans or cheese are often served in Britain ONTOAST
Item in a metalworker's gun RIVET
Jewelry stores? TREASURETROVES
L'___ (Lalique perfume) AMOUR
Let proceed OKED
Letter before Quebec in the NATO alphabet PAPA
Clues Answers
Like NyQuil, in brief OTC
Lingering quality ODOR
Lyre holder in classical artwork ERATO
Make murky CLOUD
Male kangaroos BOOMERS
Marbled cut STRIPSTEAK
Nonbinary possessive THEIR
Not again! ONCE
Nutritional guideline, in brief RDA
Ones holing up in closets? MOTHS
Parting word TATA
Parting word ADIEU
Passing concern WILL
Preschool recital ABCS
Prohibition Bureau name NESS
R&B artist with the Grammy-winning 2017 hit 'Best Part' HER
Rebuff SNUB
River of Idaho TETON
Round trips? ORBITS
Running mate? COHOST
Sensationalistic opinion, informally HOTTAKE
Snafu MESS
Speak softly with contentment PURR
Squirt TYKE
Stands RISES
Stayed fresh KEPT
Studies more closely, perhaps REREADS
Stuff searched for in vein? ORE
The 'she' of 'Nevertheless, she persisted' ELIZABETHWARREN
Title woman in a 1975 R&B hit by the Spinners SADIE
Unit of magnetic flux density TESLA
Wax figure? TUSSAUD
Where the dish oysters Rockefeller was invented, informally NOLA
Williams who was one of the original Temptations OTIS