The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 19 2020

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Clues Answers
Abacus piece BEAD
Actor on ride unsteady DENIRO
Always among believers EVER
At any time EVER
Atmospheric layer OZONE
Boot out Brazil striker once unable to finish EXPEL
Boozer to stink in south-east SPONGE
Buck's sound advice for sweetheart in punt? ROEDEER
Cake variety SPONGE
Clever working in resort BRIGHTON
Composer in sober group BERG
Confederate general in double entendre LEE
Disregarded IGNORED
Drop venerable monk say BEAD
Elephant ancestor MASTODON
Empty tin placed in barrel VACANT
Female name ANN
Female tutor GOVERNESS
Forest animal ROEDEER
Gas round region OZONE
Gleeful chuckle CHORTLE
Heartthrob DREAMBOAT
Ice hazard BERG
In two minds TORN
Judo with nan ruptured philanderer DONJUAN
Laugh as silly Hector grabs line CHORTLE
Clues Answers
Making exit GOING
Maybe turn to Morse? ENCODE
Novelist AUTHOR
Old animal, not so mad, collapsed MASTODON
On way out try feisty gin GOING
One writes to the French thunder god AUTHOR
Oscar winner Robert DENIRO
Oust or eject EXPEL
Put into cipher ENCODE
Record taxi at home in hut LOGCABIN
Region in reactor now ripped apart TORN
Revolutionary soldier no commie shunned IGNORED
Royal racecourse ASCOT
Rustic home LOGCABIN
Sheltered side LEE
South coast town BRIGHTON
Spoilt or bad meat in hunk DREAMBOAT
Stumble helplessly getting fish FLOUNDER
Teacher changing song and verse GOVERNESS
Third-place medal for Brown BRONZE
Tosca terrible in Berkshire town ASCOT
Unoccupied VACANT
Woman in Balkan nation ANN
Womaniser DONJUAN