USA Today - Feb 1 2021

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Clues Answers
'Ba-bam!' KABOOM
'Dear Evan Hansen' prop that's sawed off at intermission CAST
'First, do no ___' HARM
'Frozen' reindeer SVEN
'Lara Croft: ___ Raider' TOMB
'Make sure that happens' SEETOIT
'Marching' insect ANT
'Minecraft' substance ORE
'Nose ___!' ('Not it!') GOES
'You can't be serious!' OMG
'You said it!' ALLTOOTRUE
Actress Taylor-Joy ANYA
Algonquin-speaking tribe KICKAPOO
Apple music device IPOD
Arthur of 'The Golden Girls' BEA
Bathroom, to Brits LOO
Bic top PENCAP
Bidders' event AUCTION
Black and orange birds ORIOLES
Cheerfulness MIRTH
Chess pieces MEN
Circle the Earth ORBIT
Conclusion END
Cons' opposites PROS
Dead ___ (lookalike) RINGER
Didn't pull an all-nighter SLEPT
Digitize, in a way SCAN
Disney character looking for a kiss FROGPRINCE
E.T., e.g ALIEN
Educated guess (Abbr.) EST
Either 'O' in 'XOXO' HUG
Fencing sword EPEE
Get back at AVENGE
Grazer with striped legs OKAPI
Had debts OWED
Hairstyle for Kirby Howell-Baptiste, sometimes AFRO
Hawaii or Missouri STATE
Hawaiian word for “good to eat” ONO
Clues Answers
Huge jump LEAP
Hundred ___ Wood ACRE
Iman, for IMAN Cosmetics CEO
Imitating the MGM lion ROARING
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four' ALBA
Kismet KARMA
Large Japanese dog AKITA
Lemonade ___ STAND
LGBT History Mo OCT
Like an offline meeting (Abbr.) IRL
Like pirated movies BOOTLEGGED
Like two-headed snakes RARE
Machu Picchu builders INCA
Makes music like Lauryn Hill RAPS
Most recycled metal on Earth STEEL
Muslim sovereigns SULTANS
NBC show with a cold open SNL
New skier's run BUNNYSLOPE
One may be passed in class NOTE
Opening tennis shot SERVE
Pay via ApplePay, say TAP
Promotion that's never seen RADIOAD
Salon specializing in dye jobs COLORBAR
Sham trial venue KANGAROOCOURT
Sketch DRAW
Small bills ONES
Sometimes-outgoing, sometimes-reserved personality AMBIVERT
Space GAP
Start a new paragraph INDENT
Surfer's concerns TIDES
Tamale wraps HUSKS
The Mavs, for one NBATEAM
The Phantom's instrument ORGAN
Word after 'jet' or 'train' SET
Zest source RIND
Zora Neale Hurston and Paul Laurence Dunbar vis-a-vis Howard University ALUMNI
___ Tome and Principe SAO