Universal - Dec 18 2020

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Clues Answers
"Business in the front" hairdo MULLET
"Uhh ..." ERM
"You ___ busted!" ARESO
"___ It Be Nice" (Beach Boys song) WOULDNT
"___ showtime!" ITS
180-degree maneuvers UTURNS
24/7 med. centers ERS
Abbr. in a proof QED
Andean animal LLAMA
Apple alternative to Word PAGES
Apple debut of 2010 IPAD
Australian birds EMUS
Bake sale organizer, for short PTA
Bay Area airport code SFO
Buddy PAL
Burglarize ROB
Calculation for a botanist? PLANTPRODUCT
Calculation for a modeling agent? HANDSOMESUM
Calculation for a personal trainer? ACTIVITYLOG
Calculation for an economist? MARKETSQUARE
Capital of Vermont? VEE
Chewy candy filling NOUGAT
Chopping tool: Var AXE
Classic fountain drink SODA
Coldness in the air NIP
Contributes (to) ADDS
Dating long-distance, maybe APART
Diagram in a fantasy novel, often MAP
Exactly right DEADON
Expert PRO
Fedora feature BRIM
Focus intensely (on) FIXATE
Fourth qtr. followers OTS
Genre related to goth EMO
H.S. exam with a Science section ACT
Hawaiian pizza meat HAM
Hello, in Shanghai NIHAO
Home of "SportsCenter AllNight" ESPNRADIO
Clues Answers
IDs on social media TAGS
In the thick of AMONG
Instant messaging pioneer AOL
Kind of bond in a salt molecule IONIC
Lead-in to "Canaveral" or "Cod" CAPE
Letters before an alter ego AKA
Lighting might help set it MOOD
Like flowers that come in vases PRECUT
Like many a brush BRISTLY
Made king, say CROWNED
Nebraska's Herbie Husker and others MASCOTS
Not coarse, as sand FINE
Nucleic acid sugar RIBOSE
One may hail from Wales CELT
Otherworldly visitors, briefly ETS
Phased-out SeaWorld attraction SHAMU
Pieces of glass PANES
Respected villager ELDER
Rideshare company with a pink logo LYFT
Sasha's sister MALIA
Sea swirls EDDIES
Shape of a fisheye lens picture ORB
Silent affirmative NOD
Smuggler-stopping org DEA
Some small batteries AAAS
Sushi items with pink centers TUNAROLLS
Sweatshirts, sweatpants and sweat suits CLOTHES
That stag HIM
The "E" of 30-Down ERAT
To and ___ FRO
Type ILK
Uncommon group RAREBREED
Valley of vineyards NAPA
Wet noodle, say? POOLFLOAT
Words of commitment IDO
Young children TYKES
___ Line (French fortification) MAGINOT
___ Paulo SAO