L.A. Times Daily - Dec 18 2020

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Clues Answers
"Anne of Green Gables" setting AVONLEA
"Futurama" woman with one eye and purple hair LEELA
"Here Comes the Hotstepper" singer __ Kamoze INI
"Kung Fu Panda" voice actress Lucy LIU
Bilingual toon explorer DORA
Blah feeling ENNUI
Blind stitch HEM
Bruins' sch UCLA
Car company that owns SolarCity TESLA
Class clown at the prom? DANCECARD
Coats with goo SLIMES
Collar NAIL
Cooking spray PAM
Damage MAR
Danica Patrick, for one RACER
De-bunks? ROUSTS
Definitely not from around here EXOTIC
Depot worker REDCAP
Detergent brand ERA
Dude who time-travels with Bill TED
Ergonomic kitchenware brand OXO
Field of conflict ARENA
Fury IRE
German automaker AUDI
Get away from it all ESCAPE
Gets lippy with SASSES
Got together quietly? ELOPED
Handout with a kids' menu CRAYON
HBO political satire until 2019 VEEP
Health haven SPA
IMDb listing ROLE
Inuit relative ALEUT
Judaism : kosher :: Islam : __ HALAL
Keys for a music room? IVORIES
Light __: Offenbach music genre OPERA
Clues Answers
Limo bar AXLE
Love of "The Real" LONI
Low areas DALES
Major muddle MESS
Mass robes ALBS
Musicians at a formal gala? BALLPLAYERS
Necessitate ENTAIL
Orchestrate ARRANGE
Organizer of a party for a mom-to-be? SHOWERHEAD
Part of HRH HER
Pathetic SAD
Place to pray PEW
Political goal SEAT
Poughkeepsie campus VASSAR
Prefix with gender CIS
Prepare for a selfie POSE
Produced YIELDED
Radiator fillers COOLANTS
Radio hobbyists at a park outing? PICNICHAMS
Region spanning three continents MIDEAST
Remote precursor DIAL
Rose pest APHID
Sauce in a tiny packet SOY
She played Julia in "Julie & Julia" MERYL
Source of silky wool ALPACA
States' plates TAGS
Subtle SLY
The most amazing party guests ever? DOWONDERS
There might be a lunch in it for you BROWNBAG
Throbbed PULSED
Tree goo SAP
Valley with a Wine Train NAPA
Weapon with two accents EPEE
Words of emphasis NOLESS
Yoga class directive EXHALE
__ vault POLE
__-deucey ACEY