- Dec 18 2020

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Clues Answers
''Sesame Street'' regular ELMO
41 Across, in Arles MER
44 Across student ELI
Actress Tierney MAURA
Apple for the teacher, maybe IMAC
Approx. figure EST
Become fuzzy BLUR
Befits SUITS
Beyond breezy GUSTY
Boost HIKE
Brilliance ECLAT
Cereal morsel RAISIN
Choir part ALTO
Coca-Cola Zero alternative DIETPEPSI
Corner space in Monopoly JAIL
Cotillion honoree DEB
Dairy case item BRICKCHEESE
Debt reminder IOU
Defeatist's cry ICANT
Denny's rival IHOP
Dissect, in a way PARSE
Diving apparatus AQUALUNG
Domed home IGLOO
Easter Island's owner CHILE
Endangered beast RHINO
Energetic GOGO
English Derby site EPSOM
Fall guy CHUMP
Farm parcel ACRE
Fix firmly EMBED
Flightless bird EMU
French dramatist Racine JEAN
Fruits of a flower ROSEHIPS
Half of bi- UNI
Hardly hip NERDY
Head slappers' cries DUHS
Clues Answers
Hit the gas SPEDUP
Joan Rivers' daughter MELISSA
Kitchen helper RINSER
Landscapers' machines WOODCHIPPERS
Letters between names AKA
Little rascals IMPS
Loved ones DEARS
Low in a lea MOO
Luxury train feature LOUNGECAR
Masthead word EDITOR
Mermaid's milieu SEA
Not a dup ORIG
Oaxaca water AGUA
On the highest shelf UPTOP
Out of sorts ILL
Overfills SATES
Patterned blanket QUILT
Photo PIC
Pirate costume accessory EYEPATCH
Powerful blow SWAT
Put away ATE
Raise a stink GRIPE
Royal role for Liz CLEO
Scoot over, perhaps MAKEROOM
Seemingly forever NOEND
Singer Easton SHEENA
Singled out CHOSEN
Star pitcher ACE
Summer Olympics event EPEE
Taft's alma mater YALE
Threat ender ELSE
Tolkien creature ORC
Totter REEL
Twangy musical instrument STEELGUITAR
Unwanted email SPAM
Word for something tangible CONCRETENOUN
__ Jima IWO