The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1769

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Clues Answers
A politician receiving duke without preparation ad lib
Change into suit BECOME
City area in Northern Ireland originally enticing family member NIECE
Device some countryfolk need to keep in stock? cattle grid
Fascinated, being made a slave once ENTHRALLED
Former priest accommodated by sanctimonious old American PREVIOUS
Gent regularly tucking into prizewinning mushroom CHAMPIGNON
Greek character initially eating baked food PIE
Healthy food for environmentalists GREENS
Item of jewellery Oscar found in prehistoric tower BROOCH
Line up briefly for nothing NIL
Live in luxury, perhaps, with daughter DWELL
Clues Answers
Main directions given by African leader SEA
Male journalist finally occupied covering conflict EDWARD
Marsupial known at first over a large area KOALA
Old Nicaraguan guerrilla group’s smuggled goods CONTRABAND
Polish artwork in stream Caesar crossed RUBICON
Remains unwanted at first in army corps team RESIDUE
Shed tears about that woman’s fruit CHERRY
Some choose a reed organ EAR
Unfashionable garments for the suburbs OUTSKIRTS
Unusually direct source of pride CREDIT
Vehicle in which politician and monarch visit Irish county? camper van
Water moving smoothly in latter part of day? EVENTIDE