Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 18 2020

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Clues Answers
''I wandered, ... as a cloud'' (Wordsworth) LONELY
Area, zone REGION
Beliefs, judgments OPINIONS
Casual short-sleeved top TSHIRT
Clean with hard rubbing SCRUB
Confectionery SWEETS
Consequence, effect OUTCOME
Contemporary, up-to-date MODERN
Dish of meat and vegetables cooked slowly STEW
Distribute strategically DEPLOY
Every one separately EACH
Evidently, plainly OBVIOUSLY
Exactly alike IDENTICAL
Express in speech UTTER
Gains points SCORES
Gave formally, an award perhaps PRESENTED
Have in mind to do INTEND
Huge, immense VAST
Clues Answers
In a level and regular way EVENLY
Instructions for cooking RECIPE
Instrument to track distant objects RADAR
It's said to make the heart grow fonder ABSENCE
Lacking social polish, awkward GAUCHE
Leo or Aquarius, say STARSIGN
Light-hearted raillery BANTER
Male of refinement GENTLEMAN
More unsightly UGLIER
Performs, surgery perhaps OPERATES
Poetic verse STANZA
Smoothed with heat IRONED
Strange clans dot this country SCOTLAND
Street entertainers BUSKERS
Swelling containing pus ABSCESS
They carry information between brain and body NERVES
Travel, on horseback, say RIDE