The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,320 - Dec 18 2020

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Clues Answers
A raptor and a parrot remarkably commensurate PRORATA
African dish put away, returned filled with drink TAGINE
Base where drink held up by head PREDICATE
Cooks entertaining drinker, oddly lacking drinks SAUTERNES
Die horribly in defeat — or survive RIDEOUT
Drink drunk by myself, drunk? That's flat! PLATEAU
Drink was revolting ROSE
Drink — rest quaffing another one? LIMEADE
Exhaustion experienced when observing fine English school dons EYESTRAIN
Insects after drink in drinking vessel CHALICE
Kind of nut inspiring a marsupial KOALA
Lover tied knot, did you say? BEAU
Mark somewhere in Central America COLON
Member's problem when drink on the counter swiped by Trojan king PRIAPISM
National hero? Flipping hell! REDRUM
Clues Answers
One packed in best bag for flight STAIRCASE
Overweight porter STOUT
Play against work model OPPOSE
Poison some drinking water PARAQUAT
Port added to wine container subject to legal constraint Bindover
Relish drink SAUCE
Second character from Strangers on a Train cast as film maker TARANTINO
Smuggled in by con, drink for passing round SKIRTING
Still creator appeared with artist CAMERA
Stop and drink SCOTCH
Sweet love in grey consumed by drink ADORABLE
Theatrical warning to Scottish clan? CAMPBELL
Trigger strikes, sharp! KICKSTART
Vehicle taking basic route round university, American AUTOBUS
While shelter quiet, silent in the dormitory? ASLEEP