The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 17 2020

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Clues Answers
Academic essay THESIS
African animal English net ELAND
Afternoon meal in Plumstead TEA
Air date revised for broadcast RADIATE
Altar's location CHANCEL
Apartment right for high flier CONDOR
Become ready to eat pie prepared in Navy RIPEN
Big band sound or rock? SWING
Bird losing wing and crest RIDGE
Brewed beverage TEA
Characteristic TRAIT
Dicky came to tour cold Saudi city MECCA
Dig dirt on a duke ADMIRE
Escarpment RIDGE
Family doctor at home for boss KINGPIN
Flavourless INSIPID
Freeholder OWNER
Impression SENSE
Intuitively understand meaning SENSE
Islamic spiritual centre MECCA
Island by Naples CAPRI
Isle has better scripture studies CAPRI
Large antelope ELAND
Large vulture CONDOR
Leading light left before our sailors LANTERN
Make-believe PRETEND
Clues Answers
Mature RIPEN
Melody AIR
Mike changed some missives MEMOS
One giving better information TIPSTER
One runs around wicket keeper OWNER
Opportunity initially lost in church area CHANCEL
Oscillate SWING
Popular drink I had lacking taste INSIPID
Portable lamp LANTERN
Pressure on nurse to simulate PRETEND
Public calling for schematic plan OUTLINE
Punishment follows crime: put in jail CONFINE
Quiet restaurants TEAHOUSES
Racing pundit TIPSTER
Rainy time MONSOON
Regard with respect ADMIRE
Restrict CONFINE
Shine or gleam RADIATE
Sinatra, Italian, shows mannerism TRAIT
Song has character AIR
Spike in feline family CATKIN
Staff notes MEMOS
Synopsis OUTLINE
Use heat so carelessly in cafes TEAHOUSES
Wet season appearing shortly after month MONSOON
What's hypotenuse next to? ALONGSIDE
Which letter is doubled in dissertation? THESIS
Willow shoot CATKIN