Wall Street Journal - Dec 17 2020 - Got a Light?

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Clues Answers
“Calcium Light Night” composer IVES
“Fess up!” ADMITIT
“Let me think... Huh-uh!” UMNO
“Right, right” ISEE
“___ furtiva lagrima” (Donizetti aria) UNA
Acknowledge COPTO
Africa’s most populous nation NIGERIA
Atlas expanses SEAS
Attack SIEGE
Ayatollah Khamenei, e.g SHIITE
Bearers of lyre-shaped horns IMPALAS
Betrayed astonishment GAPED
Buffoon ASS
Burrito addition, for short GUAC
Church fundraisers, sometimes RUMM
Churchill gesture VSIGN
Citrus quaff suffix ADE
Classic Bob Marley song ONELOVE
Cobbler cousin PIE
Colleague of Sonia and Amy ELENA
Command to Fido STAY
Concern for some language learners GENDERS
Daring GUTS
Dashed TORE
Delivery estimate DUEDATE
Edit menu option UNDO
Embodiment EPITOME
Entertainer born Erik Weisz HOUDINI
Exhibit anxiety PACE
Expire LAPSE
Figures in need of analysis RAWDATA
Fire CAN
Follow ENSUE
Impact DINT
In poor condition RATTY
Jerk’s kin TUG
Clues Answers
Like ALA
Like sitting ducks DOOMED
Mineral in sheets MICA
Nook alternative IPAD
Pen part NIB
Per ___ DIEM
Prepares to shoot AIMS
Problematic situations SCRAPES
Pub offerings ALES
Pub offerings PINTS
Purel target GERM
Push down TAMP
Qatari leader EMIR
Rainforest climber LIANA
Rapturous delight ECSTASY
Ready for the show SEATED
Really, really big IMMENSE
Recurring “South Park” character SATAN
Rental to reduce clutter STOR
Sch. subject ENG
Sedated, say ONMEDS
See 36-Across AGES
Service centers? ALTARS
Snail mail attachment POST
Some lap dogs, informally POMS
Start of a choosing rhyme EENY
Stop before a party PACK
Sugar, say PETNAME
Tabea Zimmermann or Cynthia Phelps, e.g VIOLIST
The U.S. joined it in 1941 WWII
Thing ITEM
Total mess STY
Turkey’s president ERDOGAN
Unwanted bug WIRETAP
Versatile couches DAYBEDS
Vodka in a blue bottle SKYY
With 37-Across, fall of Rome aftermath, and a hint to the puzzle theme DARK
Word after speed or butt DIAL