- Dec 16 2020

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Clues Answers
''Beat it!'' SCRAM
''Big Blue'' IBM
''Haven't decided yet'' ILLSEE
''Keep it'' mark STET
''What ___, chopped liver?'' AMI
), in an emoticon SMILE
90-degree bend ELL
Acted bold DARED
Action-film gun UZI
Advisory group CABINET
After-dinner hot drink TEA
Alphabet opener ABC
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Breathed out EXHALED
Canterbury coins PENCE
Capital city SEATOFPOWER
Cereal grain OAT
Coin with Abe's portrait PENNY
Contributed, with ''up'' ANTED
Coop brooder HEN
Cuban leader Castro RAUL
Deemed worthy of RATED
Diner loaf RYE
Director Ang or Spike LEE
Distribute, with ''out'' DOLE
Dressed like Dracula CAPED
Early afternoon ONE
Either of two African nations CONGO
Emulated a banshee WAILED
Excellent two-pair hand ACESUP
Fabricate, as charges TRUMPUP
Fairly long time MONTHS
Fashion designer Christian DIOR
Find a sum of numbers ADDUP
Firm up, as muscles TONE
Former Italian coin LIRA
Gave the cold shoulder to SHUNNED
Gavel wielder CHAIRPERSON
Gen-___ (post-boom babies) XERS
Clues Answers
Genetic letters DNA
Gourmet cook CHEF
High society ELITE
Homer Simpson's cry DOH
ICU workers RNS
Kind of camera, for short SLR
Liquor in martinis GIN
Miscellany abbr ETC
Money-saving, in brand names ECONO
Muff a grounder ERR
Mushroom piece STEM
New Orleans cuisine CREOLE
Nuclear reactor part CORE
Oneness UNITY
Philip Roth's complainer PORTNOY
Pitcher's success WIN
Place for a bout ARENA
Played for time STALLED
Pointed at a target AIMED
Police informer STOOLPIGEON
Potato or yam TUBER
Pursuer of Bugs ELMER
Reagan's chimp costar BONZO
Retort to ''Am too!'' ARENOT
Rummage (through) RIFLE
Sailor's shore time LEAVE
Second-stringer BENCHWARMER
Shoplifting, e.g THEFT
Song syllables LALA
Sonnet creator POET
Squirrel away STORE
Stamped return env., for example ENC
Time past AGO
Tourist stop INN
Trail for hounds SCENT
Treasure find TROVE
Wall painting MURAL
Willy Wonka creator DAHL
__ with faint praise DAMNS