The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,547 - Dec 15 2020

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Clues Answers
Bar with nude dancing -- nothing might suggest lewdness INNUENDO
Breaking up, poems contain satisfaction COMPENSATION
Cheek eaten by an evil murderer ASSASSIN
Cocktail past its sell by date? OLDFASHIONED
Deep down in part of hospital, emptied lorry INWARDLY
Fancy and educated, too LIKEWISE
Feel good with guy? GROPE
Filled with rage if rule is broken IREFUL
German song told a tale LIED
Girl's seasonal strain CAROL
Golf man I teased for birdie? FLAMINGO
Imitate kiss and climax APEX
Look from castle towards the north? PEEK
Love entering strangely garish place in islands ARCHIPELAGOS
Nice and tidy NEAT
Old American is half-crazy American INCA
Clues Answers
Open a French store UNPACK
Previously included in London census ONCE
Pulled American journalist YANKED
Safer alone, hiding far from domestic FERAL
Silly to eat small nuts INSANE
Small hint first -- you'll need these to fill the grid! CLUES
Small hotel in the air SKINNY
Smiled, having support BEAMED
Some piano man nicely returned spice CINNAMON
Split payment RENT
Succeed with a weapon and acknowledge the applause TAKEABOW
Sweet nothing TRIFLE
Sweeter sort of broadcast? KINDER
The compiler had substance and character IDENTITY
Thought to fight with wife VIEW
Upset daughter is chosen for job DISAPPOINTED