Wall Street Journal - Dec 15 2020 - A Reflection

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Clues Answers
“Don’t believe ___ had the pleasure” IVE
“I had such a great time!” THATWASABLAST
“Somebody needs ___!” (comment from Mom) ANAP
“Whoa, careful!” EASYTHERE
“___ it romantic?” ISNT
1991 Oliver Stone movie JFK
Ancient mariner NOAH
Argentine president overthrown in 1955 PERON
Art supporter, sometimes WALL
Astrological scales LIBRA
Beer brand from Japan ASAHI
Bit of ointment DAB
Buddhism branch ZEN
Chance to swing ATBAT
Check for size TRYON
Classic hotel name synonymous with luxury RITZ
Commandments pronoun THOU
Common banknote TEN
Creator of the Munchkins BAUM
Cross-referencing phrase SEEALSO
Day’s midpoint NOON
Demographic shorthand for a middle-aged, working-class man NASCARDAD
Egyptologist’s find TOMB
EMT technique CPR
Equine gait TROT
Fish dish SUSHI
Hathaway of “Les Misérables” ANNE
Heaps ALOT
Hither’s counterpart YON
Imbalance, or, parsed differently, kind of balance shown by the circles ASYMMETRY
Intersection’s counterpart, in set theory UNION
Inventor’s springboard IDEA
It’s spendable but not bendable COIN
Jury members PEERS
Kylo ___ of “Star Wars” films REN
Lend a hand AID
Like the heir to the throne, usually ELDEST
Little map on a big map INSET
Clues Answers
Long in the tooth OLD
Magician’s accessory, maybe CAPE
Main monk ABBOT
Many Gallaudet students SIGNERS
McHale of “Community” JOEL
Member of the Aussie avifauna EMU
Mined material ORE
MVP of the third Super Bowl NAMATH
New Age author Deepak CHOPRA
No longer on the plate EATEN
Notice SPOT
Origami bird CRANE
Peach or lime, e.g COLOR
Pharmacy unit PILL
Precious DEAR
Product with OdorShield and LeakGuard protection GLADTRASHBAGS
Public square PLAZA
Rectangle often decorated with huge letters ENDZONE
Refinement of movement GRACE
Reindeer in “Frozen” SVEN
Roughly ORSO
Rural refusal NAW
Russian refusal NYET
Scary shout BOO
Show subservience KNEEL
Sleep inducer since 1992 AMBIEN
Snapchat or TikTok APP
Sports venue ARENA
State capital that began as a railway terminus ATLANTA
Subterfuge RUSE
They’re often in front of the percussion section in an orchestra HORNS
Tree with needles FIR
Turkey destination OVEN
Uncommon banknotes TWOS
Wallowing medium MUD
Wax closure SEAL
___ Raton BOCA