The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,100 - Dec 14 2020

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Clues Answers
Craving starters in the curry house ITCH
Cutting off end of piece and unravelling yarn in two parts BINARY
Delivering rebuff, carrying on without emotion COLDSHOULDERING
Drive off, cutting short filming SHOO
Get cross having to rush away before the opener FLYOFFTHEHANDLE
Guiding principle of Midas's reign? GOLDENRULE
Half missed moment Hal without king makes entrance ENTHRAL
In favour of parent ditching husband for impresario PROMOTER
It shows the bigger picture WIDESCREEN
It won't flourish without support RUNNERBEAN
It's always diverting CONTRAFLOW
Jazz up weapon DART
Clues Answers
Keep going for Just a Minute HOLDON
Live it up out with noted parent PAINTTHETOWNRED
Master wrestling holds in advance SUPREMO
Might a Tory often upset official delegation? POWEROFATTORNEY
Nervous of operating something sharp ONEDGE
Note the listener's mood TENNER
Perplexed to get the sack when full of inspiration BEMUSED
Plant is no distance from river CAMOMILE
Real me is free to be less generous MEASLIER
Resent some that escaped HATE
Slippery character handed over cash without hesitation SERPENT
Unwelcome guest is, in time, less polite INTRUDER