The Guardian - Quick crossword No 15,789 - Dec 14 2020

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Clues Answers
Best in its category TOPOFTHERANGE
Bring to justice PUNISH
Craftsman ARTISAN
Furthest point EXTREMITY
Gadget GIZMO
Happy to wait PATIENT
Inducing sleep SOPORIFIC
Island group annexed by the US in 1898 HAWAII
It contains the vocal chords LARYNX
Meat and vegetable stew (from Lancashire?) HOTPOT
Motion of assent NOD
President of the Russian Federation 1991–99 YELTSIN
Clues Answers
Questioned in great detail CROSSEXAMINED
Relating to a particular area REGIONAL
Retail outlet SHOP
Run away FLEE
Run-down housing area SLUM
Strike lightly TAP
Suppress PUTDOWN
Tarry awhile STAY
Tea (rhyming slang) ROSIELEE
Tit for tat REPRISAL
Turn on a spot PIVOT
Unnerved FAZED
Virtually ASGOODAS