Universal - Dec 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"Blue Bayou" singer Ronstadt LINDA
"Drab" color OLIVE
"On the Basis of ___" SEX
"Pay ___ mind" ITNO
"This is terrible!" OHNO
90-degree bend ELL
A dog might bury one BONE
All finished ATANEND
Announcement printed on a soda holder? CANNOTICE
Appreciative exclamation during an architectural tour? SWEETCORNICE
Architectural afterthought ANNEX
Baby toy manufacturer's subdivision? RATTLEOFFICE
Become hard to see through FOGUP
Bohemian dance POLKA
Cartographical creations MAPS
Cease or desist STOP
Chase competitor, informally CITI
Compete VIE
Cover with paper WRAP
Coveted statuette OSCAR
Cry after a countdown LIFTOFF
Darned things SOCKS
Declare assuredly AVOW
Delivery docs OBS
Doe mates STAGS
European range ALPS
Evaluated a Chinese food staple? RATEDRICE
Faucet label HOT
Film on a movie set SHOOT
Fish hawk OSPREY
Furry flyer BAT
Good competitor? EVIL
HBO alternative, briefly SHO
Holler YELL
Intel-gathering mission RECON
Clues Answers
Iridescent gem OPAL
Jrs., next year SRS
Leg joints KNEES
Little bird with big eyes OWLET
Metal in some cold remedies ZINC
Middle: Abbr CTR
Movie enhancement tech CGI
Omnia vincit ___ (love conquers all) AMOR
Paint incompetently DAUB
Passenger ship LINER
Pasta on a child's necklace MACARONI
Person who calls the shots BOSS
Pizzazz ELAN
Poke with a pitchfork STAB
Prow : front :: ___ : back STERN
Puppy bites NIPS
Quakers' Philly school PENN
Recently OFLATE
Rescue SAVE
Rubber-___ boots SOLED
Show that had a Miami spinoff CSI
Snail trail SLIME
Starter for "Pen" EPI
Struggle helplessly FLAIL
Tart Japanese sauce PONZU
Tie, as a boot LACE
Title for Macbeth or Macduff THANE
Ton or teaspoon UNIT
Toward the sunrise EAST
Try to make a deal NEGOTIATE
Up to, in ads TIL
Vocal quartet member, maybe ALTO
Wedding words IDO
With, in French AVEC
Without drawbacks IDEAL
Wood furniture application STAIN
Word before "boy!" or "girl!" ATTA
Word that makes a request polite PLEASE
Young New England fish SCROD