Wall Street Journal - Dec 12 2020 - Call It a Wash

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Clues Answers
“Bob’s Burgers” boy GENE
“Don’t go!” STAY
“I Know ___” (“Hamilton” song) HIM
“Sherry” singer VALLI
“Water Under the Bridge” singer ADELE
“Whew!” MAN
“Which do you want?” CHOOSE
“Young Frankenstein” assistant INGA
1805 Beethoven premiere EROICA
1950s White House nickname IKE
Adam Sandler’s “Hotel Transylvania” role DRAC
Aggravated feeling AGITA
Aid with a prank ABET
Alaska pollock habitat BERINGSEA
Anderson of 1970s TV LONI
Antiquer’s hunting ground ATTIC
Backing group HELPERS
Bayer brand MIDOL
Bearer of serrated leaves ELM
Beauty brand with a circumflex LANCOME
Blue jeans, apple pie and the like AMERICANA
Boston-Washington corridor region NORTHEAST
Brings up HIKES
Broke off ENDED
Bunch GOB
Bustling place HIVE
Bygone General Motors brand GEO
Cheshire can ARSE
City about 440 kilometers south of Kyiv ODESSA
Clubs at clubs IRONS
Come to TOTAL
Contacts privately on Twitter, briefly DMS
Countdown term TMINUS
Dairy case option BROWNEGG
Delivery on Veterans Day? SCORPIO
Dingo prey EMU
Do some city planning work REZONE
Doubts/With 111-Across, rains lightly MISTRS
DVR forerunner VCR
Dwight Gooden nickname DRK
EGOT winner Moreno RITA
Essential part ELEMENT
Fall lead-in? TRIP
Felonious, say ILLEGAL
Field prop TEE
Find hilarious ROARAT
Gift tag word FROM
Gig unit SET
Give the thumbs-down to VOTGAINST
Go back over RETRACE
Going for less ONSALE
Gregarious songbird/With 111-Across, simple weapon STLING
Grill bit EMBER
Handel bars ORATORIO
Hauls in NABS
Hearty confirmation AMEN
Hipster’s acknowledgment IDIG
Hot sauce from Louisiana TABASCO
Hot, hot, hot FIERY
Houston pro, for short STRO
In other words, in Latin IDEST
In reserve ASIDE
Infomercial feature DEMO
Ingredients such as ginger and parsley AROMATICS
Ipanema setting RIO
It knows when you go SMARTTOET
Clues Answers
Joy Reid’s employer MSNBC
Juvenile comeback ARESO
Juveniles KIDDOS
Keyboard key ALT
King with a labyrinth MINOS
Kitchen garden plant HERB
Lack the boldness to DARENOT
Lena who won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award HORNE
Like an octopus EIGHTMED
Like Hyundai cars MADEIOREA
Literary letter EPISTLE
Lizzo genre RAP
London Times purveyors NEWSAGENTS
Material for some Inuit carvings WALRUSKS
Maui neighbor LANAI
Mauna ___ LOA
Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan OMAR
Miss in Marseilles: Abbr MLLE
More spirited SPUNKIER
Mustang mother MARE
Nursery buy BASSINET
Pac-12 school UCLA
Paper in a pot IOU
Paris transport system METRO
Pastrami purveyors DELIS
Permits ALLOWS
Places for spare tires WAISTS
Plains tribe members OTOS
Pollution solution, of a sort STAINREMOVER
Prego competitor RAGU
Pressured, or what five squares in this puzzle do PUTONTHESPOT
Priest in Samuel ELI
Q-U connection RST
Quash NIX
Ready for action MOBILIZE
Really hammer POUND
Red state org KGB
Respectful refusal NOSIR
Response to “Which do you want?” THATONE
Revelatory threat ILLTELL
Round benchmarks PARS
Ruined a photo, say/With 111-Across, ran BLIED
Saudi culture expert, e.g ARABIST
See 52-Down ALERT
Slowpoke LAGGARD
Smooth EVEN
Some martyres: Abbr STES
Some sisters NUNS
Sophocles, e.g ATHENIAN
Spring HOP
Stadium sounds RAHS
Stoolie RAT
Stupidly lose BLOW
Table adornments/With 111-Across, loses power DOIES
Theater composer Menken ALAN
They may be pulled by runners HAMSTRINGS
Turkish bigwigs AGAS
Univ. means GPAS
Urgently entreated IMPLORED
Uses experimentally TRIESOUT
Verizon Fios, e.g ISP
Weapon seen in the Bayeux Tapestry MACE
What cheat days cheat on DIETS
When asked how she learns accents, she said “I listen” STREEP
Width of a cir DIAM
Winter Olympics squad/With 111-Across, embezzle SKITM
With 49-Down, shout after geeking out NERD
Work units ERGS
Yogurt drink LASSI