Wall Street Journal - Apr 2 2010 - April 2, 2010 - Pole Dance

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Clues Answers
'An Inconvenient Truth' topic ICECAP
'Battlestar Galactica' star OLMOS
'Breaking ___ Hard to Do' UPIS
'David Copperfield' baddie HEEP
'Illmatic' rapper NAS
'Just one and heartburn's done!' sloganeer PEPCID
'Off the Court' autobiographer ASHE
'Queen of the Jungle' of comics and TV SHEENA
'The Closer' star Sedgwick KYRA
'Walking on Thin Ice' singer ONO
'___ Mia' MAMMA
1962 Paul Anka hit ESOBESO
A time to remember ERA
Acuff and Clark ROYS
Angel dust PCP
Anger IRE
Apollo, musically LYRIST
Apple offering IMAC
Archie Manning's youngest son ELI
Atl. crosser until 2003 SST
Atlantic island group owned by Portugal AZORES
Attendants for Cinderella FOOTMEN
Bailiwicks AREAS
Barneys rival SAKS
Big house PEN
Bitterly regrets RUES
Bless, in a way ANOINT
Cable co. bought by AT&T in 1999 TCI
Calc. calculation VOL
Career path for a petty officer? BOSUNTRACK
Catches, in a way LASSOS
Character in debt to Jabba HANSOLO
Clarification kickoff IMEAN
Clears RIDS
Cockatoo feature CREST
Computer-linking syst. LAN
Conflict between truly identical twins? CLONECOMBAT
Corpulent OBESE
Cry of feigned innocence MOI
D.C. 100 SENS
Dead meat CARCASS
Dr. Zhivago YURI
Drill bit? ATEASE
Edward's adoptive mother in 'Twilight' ESME
Endeavor for Enya? NEWAGETASK
Esteem, abroad HONOUR
Fifth qtrs. OTS
First part of a study PHASEI
Fix, in a way RIG
Flight component STEP
Fragrant hair dressing POMADE
Gambia's monetary unit DALASI
Gave Bambi a bad review? PANNEDTHEBUCK
God of war and storms, in Hiunduism INDRA
Goes in for another hitch REUPS
Greenlights OKS
Having no play, say TAUT
Hipster who's a quipster? PUNNYCAT
Home of Goodyear's headquarters OHIO
Home of Goodyear's headquarters AKRON
How soup may be seasoned TOTASTE
Hurdle for a future atty. LSAT
Impertinent Hockey Hall of Famer Neely? SASSYCAM
Jack of 'Barney Miller' SOO
Juicy fruits MANGOS
Justice Dept. org. ATF
Lass who's hard to please? FUSSYGIRL
Clues Answers
Like jambalaya CREOLE
Like many blazers NAVY
Loc. of some devils TASM
Looks on smug mugs SMIRKS
Madagascar mammal LEMUR
Made up one's mind DECIDED
Mahalia's milieu GOSPEL
Mail letters RFD
Marsh flora REEDS
Miscellany category CATCHALL
Muppet who lives in a garbage can OSCAR
Muse of love poetry ERATO
NASA probe launched in 1989 GALILEO
Native Oklahoman OTO
Needs no more nuking ISDONE
New Deal fig. FDR
Newark mayor Booker CORY
Painted ponies from Michigan? DETROITPINTOS
Pinball problem TILT
Pinguid OILY
Pommes frites additive SEL
Popcorn buy TUB
Pre-Lenin leader TSAR
Pro shop purchase TEES
Profs' degs. PHDS
Quarter, in slang TWOBITS
Range rover BISON
Reliance TRUST
Reply to 'Are not!' AMSO
Resembling ALA
Robert of 'The Sopranos' ILER
Rotgut HOOCH
Ruby's longtime husband OSSIE
Rules concerning cold cases? FROSTLAWS
San Luis ___ OBISPO
Saturn or Mercury ORB
Sends to the Hill ELECTS
Set, as a price ASK
Settled ALIT
She, reflexively HERSELF
Shopping spree setting MALL
Showy bloom PEONY
Singer Rimes LEANN
Sister of Venus SERENA
Smoking lounge item ASHTRAY
Some October babies LIBRAS
Square dance VIP CALLER
Stephen Sondheim has eight TONYS
Subject of Weird Al's 'The White Stuff' OREO
Support for the sympathetic? CHARITYCANE
Support spec CCUP
Syr. neighbor LEB
Take off DEDUCT
Tart plumlike fruit SLOE
Taylor's 'A Place in the Sun' co-star CLIFT
Time piece? OCLOCK
Tooth trouble ABSCESS
Uncomplaining sort STOIC
United's main hub OHARE
Van Gogh's home, briefly ARLES
Very, in Versailles TRES
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
When shadows are shortest NOON
Word from the Algonquian for 'white dog' OPOSSUM
Wye follower ZEE
___ Abner LIL
___ Arena (home of the Sacramento Kings) ARCO
___ doble (ballroom dance) PASO
___ Martin (luxury car brand) ASTON