USA Today - Jan 21 2021

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Clues Answers
'homage to my hips,' e.g ODE
'Next one's on me!' letters IOU
'Say something!' SPEAK
'See ya!' CIAO
'The Magic School ___' BUS
'You got that right!' SUREIS
'___ further investigation . . .' UPON
'___ you for real?' ARE
'___ Your Girlfriend' (podcast) CALL
2001 comedy about a fashion model ZOOLANDER
911 responders EMTS
Anger IRE
Animal in Catan pastures SHEEP
Apathetic gesture SHRUG
At 0% battery DEAD
Australian 'bear' KOALA
Bible character similar to Nu'u NOAH
British nobles EARLS
Building in many restaurant names SHACK
Camera type (Abbr.) SLR
Challenge DARE
Change for a five ONES
Chapel Hill sch UNC
Charged at full tilt BUMRUSHED
Citrus scraping ZEST
Climactic video game opponent BOSS
Colorful title track of a Prince album and film PURPLERAIN
Comedian Margaret CHO
Controversial opinions HOTTAKES
Crunchy diner sandwich BLT
Dos x dos x dos OCHO
Edible orange orb CHEESEBALL
Edible slapstick projectile PIE
Freeze over ICEUP
Fruity adult beverage WINECOOLER
Game cubes DICE
German auto company AUDI
Clues Answers
Govern RULE
Group email greeting HIALL
Gum clump WAD
Hoarse voice RASP
Holder of peas POD
Hoppy beer, for short IPA
Japanese auto company NISSAN
Kellogg's cereal brand SPECIALK
Letter before omega PSI
Make a mess of RUIN
Marry WED
Non-contact smooches AIRKISSES
Patriarchy beneficiary MAN
Pelican's scooper BEAK
Pulitzer-winning graphic novel whose title is German for 'mouse' MAUS
Pungent fruit of Southeast Asia DURIAN
Remote-controlled toy CAR
Sewing line SEAM
She/___ pronouns HER
Sign at the front door ENTERHERE
Sony handheld gaming console PSP
Soul singer Peebles ANN
Sound when a tree falls in a forest and someone is around to hear it THUD
South Indian rice pancakes DOSAS
Supermodel Jourdan DUNN
Surgeon and writer Gawande ATUL
The 'D' in DJ DISC
Throw ___ SHADE
Type ILK
Typeface released in 1994 COMICSANS
Uses a chair SITS
Viewed SAW
Vogue competitor ELLE
Wallet item that might get swiped CREDITCARD
Writing tools for astronauts SPACEPENS
___ gin fizz SLOE