USA Today - Jan 20 2021

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Clues Answers
'Clueless' catchphrase ASIF
'I Used to Know ___' (2019 R&B album) HER
'If you ask me . . .' ITHINK
'L'Chaim!' is one TOAST
'That's ___ fair!' NOT
'You know how ___' ITIS
'___ it like a Polaroid picture' SHAKE
2019 children's book by Lupita Nyong'o SULWE
A drawbridge might cross one MOAT
Acronym that rhymes with 'chem' STEM
Adobe file type PDF
Allowed to leave the bus LETOFF
Amy Rose's hedgehog crush SONIC
Ballerina's bend PLIE
Beast with a beard GNU
Come in first WIN
Companion of logos and pathos ETHOS
Cricket dismissals OUTS
Defeats decisively ROUTS
Dinner with layers LASAGNA
Dish that's bean-free in Texas CHILI
Doing fine financially AFLOAT
Dress worn with a choli SARI
Feel unwell AIL
Film-enhancing tech CGI
First word of many titles THE
Flows back EBBS
From Dublin, say IRISH
Gave formula, perhaps FED
Genderqueer person's pronouns, perhaps SHETHEY
Go slaloming SKI
Goosebumps-inducing EERIE
High jinks ANTICS
Insinuate GETAT
Item worn to swing at a pinata BLINDFOLD
Jewelry designer Khouri ANA
Kind treatment, for short TLC
Knee's place LEG
Clues Answers
Leopard, e.g CAT
Many seaside cities PORTS
Nicknamed DUBBED
No longer exciting STALE
Nonfiction narrative MEMOIR
Nonslip item by a 36-Across MAT
Not relaxed TENSE
Pashmina product SHAWL
Peach and plum centers PITS
Pedaled vehicle BIKE
Phoned-in practical joke PRANKCALL
Place for a soak TUB
Place to leave outerwear COATCHECK
Portmanteau in fitness TAEBO
Prefix for 'turf' ASTRO
Regret RUE
Reminder with three vowels IOU
Rental car brand ALAMO
Said '@#*&!!!' CURSED
Saint ___ (Caribbean nation) LUCIA
Snow-removing vehicle PLOW
Soleus-working exercise CALFRAISE
Some apartments charge rent for them PETS
Sorrowful SAD
Tattoo artist's 'canvas' SKIN
Tattoo artist's supplies INKS
Took a chair SAT
Travels by boat SAILS
Turn in softball ATBAT
Utqiagvik's state ALASKA
Voice range for Ryan Speedo Green BASS
Vowel with three vowels IOTA
Waist accessory SASH
Went under SANK
Word after 'Big' or 'Middle' EAST
Worshipper of Mama Quilla INCA
___ out (distribute) DOLE
___ vera gel ALOE