USA Today - Jan 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'For heaven's ___!' SAKE
'How ___ it go?' DID
'I'd rather not talk about it' DONTASK
'I'll take that as ___' ANO
'I'm serious!' NOLIE
'Journey to ___' (Chinese novel with a directional name) THEWEST
'Lucid Dreams' rapper Juice ___ WRLD
'Narcos' org DEA
'Nicely done!' GREATJOB
'Not to mention . . .' AND
'Obviously' DUH
'Oh, really?' ISTHATSO
'Old-growth' ecosystem FOREST
'One Day at a Time' actress Moreno RITA
'See ya' BYE
'To a . . .' poems ODES
'Turtle' or 'bottle' follower NECK
'Wait just a ___' SEC
'___ Mubarak' (holiday greeting) EID
Accessibility law, for short ADA
Agendas, e.g LISTS
Apprentice PROTEGE
Artificially sweetened drinks DIETSODAS
Attention-getting sound PSST
Author Maracle LEE
Berliner or sufganiyah JELLYDONUT
Birthday sharer TWIN
Bollywood star Aishwarya RAI
Bothers IRKS
Calm periods LULLS
Colorful graduation gift LEI
Confession subject SIN
Cornstarch brand ARGO
Deity GOD
Desires WANTS
Disapproving syllables TSKS
Dishonest person LIAR
Engrave ETCH
Exam with a logic games section LSAT
Clues Answers
Fabric for some judges' collars LACE
Febreze alternative GLADE
Fix the outcome of RIG
Forehead adornment BINDI
Gives a role to CASTS
Helper of Santa ELF
Himalayan bovines YAKS
Language group that includes Inupiaq and Inuktitut INUIT
Late-night host Ruffin AMBER
Like baroque architecture ORNATE
Marching insects ANTS
Mining products ORES
Much-admired person IDOL
Musical units NOTES
Novelist Dessen SARAH
On ___ (freelance phrase) SPEC
Oohs' counterparts AAHS
Pancake served with chutney DOSA
Parisian assent OUI
Particle physics framework with 10 dimensions STRINGTHEORY
Plural or singular pronoun THEY
Prejudice BIAS
Protrusive navel OUTIE
Pucker-inducing TART
Put in a sword holder SHEATHE
Red planet MARS
Rod attachment REEL
Screen for streaming SMARTTV
Single-use item in a morning routine COFFEEFILTER
Spies in deep cover MOLES
Storage attachments on cars ROOFRACKS
Swelled head EGO
Take a break REST
Uneasy feeling ANGST
UV radiation source BLACKLIGHT
Wet floor mishap SLIP
What 'v' can mean VERY
___ Parks Transit Station (Detroit commuter hub) ROSA